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Answers To The Four Big Questions About The April 15 Tax Filing Deadline

Well, believe it or not it's that time of year again. Every April 15, we face our tax filing deadline in the United States. Each year about this time, Christian is inundated with questions from last-minute filers. Today I will address those questions and provide you with some useful links if you count yourself among those who have yet to file your federal tax return. 1. How Can I Get An Extension Of Time If I Am Not Ready To File? You can obtain an automatic six-month extension of time to file your tax return by filing IRS form... Read more →

25 Ways To Cut Household Expenses Now (Part II)

In my last blog article, I gave you the first 12 of the 25 money-saving tips we recently compiled. Again, I can't take full credit for the 25 tips as most of them came in from my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. If you did not catch my prior article, here is a link to the first 12 money-saving ideas. 13. Promotional Codes This is a great idea, and something I just learned from researching this article. You've probably purchased something online, and noticed the option of inserting a promotional code for a discount. If you are like... Read more →

25 Ways To Cut Household Expenses Now (Part I)

This week, I asked my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter to submit their best ideas on how they are cutting expenses. I also received some great ideas from callers to my podcast. These ideas, along with my own will provide you with an arsenal of weapons to start cutting your expenses right away. 1. Use Skype Instead Of A Landline Skype is an online phone service. If you have Internet access, you can make and receive phone calls online. I have unlimited Skype with my own inbound phone number for about $6 per month. 2. Use Skype And... Read more →

What Can You Do To Save Yourself From Foreclosure?

March 3 2009 Update – Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan For Full Plan Details Click Here Link To Questions and Answers On Plan Citi's $500 a month mortgage deal Financial Crisis University The sad but sickening news is that very few people are getting any help from the various programs designed to assist homeowners in trouble. I recently asked my followers on Twitter and Facebook for any stories of success with a loan modification. You guessed it, not one story of anyone getting any help. What makes me really angry is when I see big companies like AIG getting billions... Read more →