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How To Save Money On Airfare With "Refaring"

Several weeks ago, a friend of mine shared with me that he had purchased plane tickets for his family to fly up north during the Christmas holidays.  He went on to explain how his wife had “refared” their tickets several times and as a result they had earned a substantial credit with the airline for future travel.  What is refaring?  The idea is simple; if you purchase a plane ticket in advance and find out later that the price of the ticket has been reduced, you can get a refund or a credit for the price difference.  While there is no law or rule that requires the airlines to go along with this practice, they all appear to be doing so.  What’s more, it is not only airlines but many hotels and cruise lines are allowing customers to refare.

If You Purchased A Plane Ticket At A Higher Price Earlier This Year, You Might Still Be Able To Get A Discount

The reason that refaring is so hot right now is due to the higher prices for airfare this summer related to high fuel prices for the airlines.  Although it usually makes sense to buy your tickets weeks or even months in advance to get the best deal, those travelers that waited until the last minute this year found the best prices.  So, what can you do now?  The process is simple enough.  Go to the airlines website and do a search to find out if your existing itinerary is available at a lower price than what you originally paid.  If so, pick up the phone and call the airline and ask for a refund of the difference.  Some airlines are refunding cash, while others are giving credit that can be used toward future travel.  Remember, you can also do this with your cruise and hotel purchases.

From all accounts, refaring is becoming widely accepted and is most easily accomplished when you have purchased your ticket directly from the airline.  If you purchased your ticket through a third party, it may be more difficult to get your ticket refared.  Please use the comments section on this blog to share with me your experience with refaring.

Finding Last Minute Travel Bargains

My favorite website for last minute bargains is 11th Hour Vacations.  This website is great for finding last minute bargains on everything from airfare to rental cars, cruises, vacation packages and more.  Over the years that I have used the site, we have found some great bargains including a trip to France that my wife and I took several years ago.

Monitoring Airfare Deals 24/7

It has now become very easy to stay on top of the cost of airfare for your favorite designations.  A number of websites such as Travelocity offer fare alerts which are sent automatically to you by e mail when a fare sale takes place within the parameter you select.  For example, if I want to take a trip up north, I can select to be notified when ticket prices are on sale between Florida and Chicago.  I receive an e mail alerting me of the airfare sale, I click on it and can go right to a screen to make my purchase.  Although many websites are providing this service, probably the one that does the best job at this is Airfare Watchdog.


Other Favorite Travel Sites Of Mine

Travel Zoo

Side Step

Have your own travel savings ideas and strategies?  Use the comments section below to let everyone know how you are saving money on travel.

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