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Retirement Planning In A Financial Crisis

Whenever people ask me about their IRA, 401k, or other retirement account, they almost always make reference to these accounts as their retirement plan. While this may just be semantics, I call these accounts not plans. Your retirement plan, is simply that; your plan for retirement. First, I want to stop here and really ask an important question, “What is retirement?” Webster defines it as withdrawn from active duty or from one’s career. I happen to live in Florida, and am probably somewhat of an expert on retirement living (since many of my neighbors are retired). I see them loading... Read more →

7 Strategies For Surviving A Job Loss

Today’s topic, losing a job, may soon become very relevant to many Americans. The most recent news on the job loss front is the bankruptcy filing of Circuit City and the closure of 20% of their stores. This may end up being small potatoes if we see the bankruptcy of Ford and General Motors. Some analysts suggest that 10% of the entire American workforce is somehow tied to the auto industry. This includes everything from manufacturing to local dealerships and all of the people employed by auto parts suppliers as well. I don’t know very many people right now that... Read more →

How To Get A Bargain Buying A Repossessed Car

I recently did a report discussing the spike in auto repossessions. Although the thrust of my report was how to resolve being behind on your auto loan payments, I did incidentally make mention of the incredible buying opportunities this auto repo explosion has created. So, I have been inundated with the question, “How do I find repos for sale?” Today’s blog is going to answer this question as well as address the issue of buying a used car in general. 1. Where Are The Repos? What we found in our research is that most repossessed vehicles end up at an... Read more →