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What To Do With Your Retirement Investments Now

After Monday’s 777 point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the term ‘roller coaster’ is not quite descriptive enough to describe the stock market’s recent behavior. There seems to be two camps on what investors should do in reaction to the ups and downs of Wall Street. One group is telling you to sell everything and prepare for the worst. The other is advising to just stay put and ride out the storm, so who is right? I was a money manager for nearly twenty years and found myself in the middle of these controversies quite often. I always... Read more →

5 Questions About Keeping Your Money Safe During The Financial Crisis

Although I have been warning my readers for several months, the recent developments this past week have apparently gotten people’s attention. We have been inundated with e mails from readers asking us what they should be doing to assess their situations and make the appropriate moves to protect their money. In this week’s column, I will address the four most common questions I have been receiving. Check out my latest podcast covering this issue in more detail. James L. Paris Podcast 1. What Should I Be Doing With The Money I Have In My Bank? First of all, everyone should... Read more →

7 Ways To Prepare For The Coming Financial Storm

Listen To Jim’s Latest Podcast On the U.S. Financial Crisis The newswires are now filled with story after story which seem to be laying the groundwork for very turbulent times ahead for the U.S. economy. I think there is a way out of this and today I issued a press release with my own solution. Whether or not my plan or any other will be enacted in enough time to turn things around is the big question. I felt compelled to write this blog article today not to panic you, but to get you thinking about the possibility of a... Read more →

5 Ideas For A Super Cheap Vacation Now!

The buzz this summer was about ‘staycations’ (vacationing at home). Let’s face it, most people are facing a financial crunch with higher gas prices, groceries, and just above everything costing more these days. So, you may have skipped a vacation this summer, but now that we are in ‘off season’ it may not be too late to get out of town on the cheap for a few days! 1. Jet Blue Auctioning Off Airfare And Vacation Packages With Opening Bids of Just A Dime Some exciting news was made this week by Jet Blue. They announced that they will be... Read more →

5 Ways To Protect Yourself Online

Today I want to share with you some simple steps that you can take to protect yourself from cyber criminals. You may remember the story just about a month ago of a crime ring of 11 individuals indicted for stealing 40 million credit card numbers. It was very interesting to learn how they pulled off their crime. It involved something known as War Driving. War Driving is when a cyber criminal drives up and down public streets with a laptop looking for unsecured wireless networks. Think of this as a group of criminals walking through a neighborhood or business complex... Read more →