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4 Questions On Car Buying In The New World Of $4 Gas

The price of gas has dramatically changed the landscape of the auto business. The demand for SUV’s and trucks has dropped to the point that many dealers will not even accept them in trade. Chrysler announced this week that it will be getting out of the leasing business due to plummeting residual values on leased cars (the estimated value of a car at the end of a lease). While larger vehicle values have dropped, the resale value of smaller cars has sky-rocketed. In this rapidly changing environment for car buyers, I want to address 4 questions about buying a car... Read more →

4 Ways To Use The Internet To Save Money On Gas

The Internet can do a lot of things, but believe it or not people are now using the Internet to save money on gas. With the price of gas rising out of control, Americans are using the technology of the Internet as the latest way to try and save a little on the cost of filling up their cars. 1. Buy Gas Futures? provides a service that allows consumers to lock in the current price of gas. Investors do this every day by purchasing futures contracts, but can an individual consumer lock in today’s price on gas? From... Read more →

Is Your Bank Safe? Find Out For Free

*** Check out Jim’s latest podcast which includes an interview with stock market expert Robert Yetman on the banking crisis and business coach Glory Borgeson on success in business – Click Here After the stock crash of 1929 and over a thousand bank failures, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Congress created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in 1933. The purpose was to provide a federal government guarantee of deposits and maintain stability and public confidence in the banking system of the United States. Is your bank safe? Is any bank really safe these days in light of the... Read more →

No Money For A Summer Vacation? Take A Staycation

Check Out Jim’s July 8 Podcast – Jim Discusses How To Find Cheap Plane Tickets, Staycations, His New Internet Training And More Jim Paris Show Well, the newscasts are like broken records; no on has money this summer for a vacation. High gas prices, falling real estate, a coming recession, you know the rest….. In an effort to provide some positive solutions, in today’s blog we will address some options for raising money for that summer vacation as well as an alternative; a STAYCATION! What In The World Is A Staycation? The idea is simple; take your ‘vacation’ at home... Read more →

How To Find Auction Bargains

Jim Discusses Auctions In His Latest Podcast (click below) Jim Paris Show Podcast Buy A Foreclosed Home Online! The Internet is changing the world, and foreclosure auctions are the latest to go online. Manatee County Florida announced this week that they are making plans to conduct their foreclosure auctions online. Manatee County believes that moving the auctions from the courthouse steps to the Internet, will make the entire process easier for everyone. Imagine, being able to participate in a foreclosure auction online from any location in the world! The latest Craze: Storage Locker Auctions What happens to all of that... Read more →