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Where Is Your Rebate?

The IRS is Reporting this week that more than five million Americans may miss out on receiving their stimulus check since they have not filed a tax return.  This group is comprised of individuals that are not normally required to file a federal tax return based on income and other considerations.  The message is clear;  even if you are not required to file, you must do so to receive your stimulus check.  To be eligible to receive a stimulus check, you must have at least $3,000 in earned income (or from Social Security/Railroad retirement benefits) and meet a few other minimal requirements.  To find out if you are eligible, use the IRS online calculator.

Where Is Your Rebate Check?

What if you filed your tax return by April 15, but have not received your tax stimulus check?  It’s not time to panic yet.  Check the last two digits of your Social Security number and review the schedule below. This applies to individuals that did not use direct deposit for this year’s refund.  All eligible filers using direct deposit, should have received their rebates by May 16.

Last two SSN digits:  Payments will be mailed no later than (and received a few days after):
 00 through 09  May 16
 10 through 18  May 23

 19 through 25

 May 30
 26 through 38  June 6
 39 through 51  June 13
 52 through 63  June 20
 64 through 75  June 27
 76 through 87  July 4
 88 through 99  July 11











What About Those Other Rebates? 

The State of Iowa announced this week that it is trying to get its hands on uncashed retail rebate checks.  Iowa’s position is that an uncashed rebate check should be considered abandoned property and thus sent to the State Treasurer as unclaimed funds.  While only 10 to 40% of consumers actually jump through all of the hoops necessary to receive a retail rebate, up to 5% don’t cash the check they receive.  As unclaimed funds, these uncashed checks could total millions of dollars each year.  The next thing that states may go after?  Possibly unused gift certificates and gift card balances, which currently enjoy an exclusion under most states abandoned property laws.

Have you checked to see if you have any unclaimed money?  Here is a link to my page on claiming your lost money

Christian Money Unclaimed Funds Page

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