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PayPerPost - A New Way To Make Money On The Internet


In recent months, I have found an ever increasing interest in strategies and ideas on how to make money on the Internet.  In fact, due to the level of interest on this topic I am coming to Chicago on June 28 to present an all day workshop on Internet marketing.  Click here for Chicago seminar information

I just interviewed Randy Mountz, VP of PayPerPost (Izea) on the paid blogging opportunity.  Click here  and select the June 12 Podcast.

A new method of making money on the Internet has emerged and will be the topic of today’s blog.  PayPerPost, is an Orlando based company that has sparked both controversy and excitement on the Internet.  The company, and its army of thousands of bloggers, offers its services to companies trying to start a buzz on the Internet.

What is a Blog?  A blog is short for weblog and is simply a website set up to make it convenient for the user to post short entries (articles) and a way of cataloging these posts for readers to be able to access them.  What you are reading right now, is my blog….

If you are a company launching a new product or service, what you want more than anything is word of mouth promotion.  This is advertising, that money can’t buy - until now.  Imagine if you were offered $20 to agree to tell your friends and acquaintances about a new product.  That is the concept upon which PayPerPost was started.  Bloggers agree to write reviews of products or services and get paid.  How much can a blogger earn?  Writing assignments and the associated pay vary widely on PayPerPost.  According to our research, most blog posts gigs are going to pay $5 to $25.  Today, CMC reviewed the available paid post opportunities on their site and we found posting jobs paying as much as $135. So, this can really add up quickly if you are willing to spend and hour or two per day making paid posts to your blog.  PayPerPost suggests on their home page that $500 per month is realistic for a blogger willing to work hard.  You are only allowed to take 3 paid posting jobs per day, so that is really the only limit you have on how much money you earn.

The PayPerPost Controversy – Some people consider paid blog entries as unethical and believe the practice should be stopped.  The search engines have looked very dimly on PayPerPost and have threatened to remove the page ranks of bloggers working with them.  It appears that PayPerPost may have resolved its issues with Google and the other major search engines by requiring that bloggers include a disclaimer informing readers that they are being paid by the companies they are blogging about it.

How do you get started?  First, you need a blog.  Here are two options that I consider the best blog platforms.  Both of these companies offer monthly plans starting below $10 for your own blog.  I use Typepad for the blog you are reading right now.



After you have set up your blog, go to Pay Per Post and sign up as a blogger. The last we had checked, there was a requirement that blogs must be at least 30 days old to be eligible to receive paid post assignments.

Let me know how you do with this new program.  We are scheduled to have the president of PayPerPost as a guest on our podcast on Wednesday, so be sure to check back on the site for that.

When I restarted Christian last year, I hired PayPerPost to make about 20 posts for me to start the buzz about the site.  It worked and helped us to move up with the search engines.  So, I can attest to this being a success for me as someone that paid to be blogged about.

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