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How To Make A 2nd Paycheck With An Online Business

Today I want to share with you my favorite kind of business, Internet based businesses. My favorite thing about an Internet business is that anyone can start one and create the appearance of a big organization, even though they may just be working in a spare bedroom in their home! Think about it, in just about any other type of business, you would be out there renting space, hiring employees, and investing lots of money in your start up. Most people can start a basic Internet business for less than $100. Christian is an online business and I want... Read more →

5 Ways To Find Travel Bargains This Summer

Many people have decided to throw in the towel on the idea of having a nice vacation this summer. With gas prices soaring, and everything from bread to clothing costing more, who has the money for a vacation? Well, if you are a little creative you might still be able to have that vacation employing the following strategies: Listen To Jim’s May 20 Podcast Which Includes a Discussion of These Travel Strategies 1. Travel Zoo is one of my favorite travel sites. I especially enjoy their top 20 travel deals list, which is updated each week. On this week’s... Read more →

5 Ways To Make Your Driving Less Expensive

*** Check Out Jim’s May 14 Podcast Where Today’s Blog Topic Is Discussed In More Detail Click Here 1. Shop Out Your Auto Insurance Coverage Many people simply keep renewing their auto insurance coverage each year without considering that there may be a better deal. Rates between auto insurers can vary by as much as 25%. Shopping for auto insurance can be done in just a few minutes using the Internet, listed below are some of the most popular links for shopping auto insurance. Be sure and ask about discounts for multiple cars, safe driving record, etc… Online Shopping Sites:... Read more →

3 Secrets The Credit Industry Does Not Want You To Know

It is interesting how the credit industry continues to suggest that credit scoring is based on a simple process and that all people need to do is to pay make their payments on time and all will be well. If the methodology is so simple, why don’t they come out and tell us how they calculate scores? No, not just a generic template of information, but a detailed breakdown of the credit scoring recipe? Jim’s May 6, 2008 Podcast On Credit Scoring Click Here The truth is that they don’t want us to know, and that is the foundation of... Read more →