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Today I want to share with you my favorite kind of business, Internet based businesses.  My favorite thing about an Internet business is that anyone can start one and create the appearance of a big organization, even though they may just be working in a spare bedroom in their home!  Think about it, in just about any other type of business, you would be out there renting space, hiring employees, and investing lots of money in your start up.  Most people can start a basic Internet business for less than $100.

Christian is an online business and I want to share with you some of the ways that we have made money with the site and how you can use these same ideas.

1.  Start Your Own Website

Most people have a topic, hobby, or other interest that can be the basis for setting up their own location on the Internet.  Even if it is just a basic website, get your piece of Internet real estate and start developing it today.  There are a number of ways that you can quickly set up a basic website, I have several specific recommendations available in my new e book, Virtual Business In A Box (free download instructions below). 

Website Building Services ($9.95 Month, Set Up Your Own Site In Less Then 10 Minutes)   (Prices Vary, They Also Offer Quick Online Set Up As Well As Assistance With Registering Your Domain Dot com).

Site Cube

2.  Google Ad Sense

Google Ad Sense is free to join and provides anyone with a website or blog the opportunity to make money right away by placing ads on their site.  Each time someone clicks on an ad, you make money.  In most cases, you will earn 25 to 50 cents for each click, but in some cases you can earn several dollars!  Christian uses Google Ad Sense ads to create a large part of our monthly income and you can do the same thing.  After you have your website or blog set up, go to Google Ad Sense and establish your free account.  Next, follow the simple instructions and start placing ads on your site.  Here are some success stories from people making thousands of dollars per month with Google Ad Sense Click Here.

3.  e Bay Auctions

At Christian we have used e Bay from time to time to sell our materials.  I have personally used e Bay many times over the years to both buy and sell personal items.

The best way to learn how to use e Bay is to start by cleaning out your house and putting together several items that would be good candidates for a garage sale.  Use these items as the basis for starting to sell on e Bay, and then sell the balance of them at a garage sale.  The reason I recommend starting this way,  is that you really can’t lose since you don’t need to go out and buy anything to sell.  This is a pretty harmless way to get started on e Bay, and the way I did. 

There are plenty of books about the mechanics of using e Bay, so I won’t cover that here.  You will have to take pictures and upload them and have a tiny amount of computer ability to set up and start your auctions, but believe me it is very easy.  If you get stuck, have your children or grandchildren help you.  Once you do your first auction, you can use it as a template to do all of your future auctions.

Everyone will make mistakes with their first few e Bay auctions, but if you stick with you will learn how to conduct a basic auction.  My favorite way to get an idea of starting auction prices and what to sell, is to simply take an hour or two and do some research of what other e Bayers are doing.  There are some items on e Bay that have a very strong demand and others that have little or none.  Additionally, you will find that items that are very heavy (and expensive to ship), are not likely good candidates for e Bay either.

4.  e Bay Consignment Selling

Another huge business opportunity is e Bay consignment sales.  After you have worked through your first 20 or 30 e Bay auctions, you can begin to help others to sell online.  You can make a commission of 30% or more helping other people to sell items on e Bay.  This is as simple as finding people like yourself that have some stuff they want to dispose of and would like to make some extra money.  I have heard from some of my students that they have also done quite well approaching churches, schools, and other non-profits with this concept.  The organization has a donation drive and accumulates a huge amount of “garage sale” items.  You sell the items on e Bay and receive a commission on each sale. (see free download below on e Bay consignment selling below).

5.  Set Up Your Own Blog

This blog you are reading is hosted by Typepad. They have plans starting at just $4.95 per month.  Many people start blogging about something they have an interest in.  A hobby, profession, or other interest such as politics or your faith are likely easy choices for you.  This is your voice and your opportunity to build a following and start making money.

Money making opportunities with blogs are varied, but include advertisers such as Google Ad Sense, but can also include traditional advertisers that will pay you a flat fee per month to place their ad on your site.  Of course, big advertisers will not come to you until you have sufficient visitors to your site, so plan to start with Google Ad Sense.  Depending on your topic, expect to make money offline from your blog as well.  Whether you are a lawyer, auto mechanic, or salesperson, blogging on  your topic will give you expert status and lead to more opportunities within your industry. 

Blog Building Services

Blogger (free site, but limits how you can insert your own ads)



Agree or disagree, or have your own ideas or suggestions, click on comments below.

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