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5 Ways To Find Travel Bargains This Summer

Many people have decided to throw in the towel on the idea of having a nice vacation this summer.  With gas prices soaring, and everything from bread to clothing costing more, who has the money for a vacation?  Well, if you are a little creative you might still be able to have that vacation employing the following strategies:

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1.  Travel Zoo is one of my favorite travel sites.  I especially enjoy their top 20 travel deals list, which is updated each week.  On this week’s list is a 3 night Bahamas cruise for $179 that even includes bringing your child for free! $49 airfare specials, and a 3 bedroom condo near Disney for only $79 a night! These are only three of hundreds of deals you can find at

2. 11th Hour Vacations

11th Hour Vacations, as their name implies, offers specials for people who are planning at the last minute.  Most travelers are accustomed to being penalized for not planning ahead, but this is a site that actually provides substantial discounts and savings available on last minute bookings.  This is the site to go to for airfare, cruises, and vacation packages that need to be arranged as little as hours before you want to take off.

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3.  Timeshare Rentals

If you have been following my advice over the years, you have not purchased a timeshare unit.  Timesharing, can be an opportunity though for incredible rental opportunities.  Imagine renting a 2 – 3 bedroom timeshare condo for a week for under $1,000.  This is far less than you would spend for an upscale hotel and you have a unit that can sleep 8 – 10 people!  With all of this extra space, you can either stretch out and simply have a great time with some extra room or you can split the unit with another family.  Consider inviting another family to vacation with you and share your condo rental.  This brings the price down to less than $500 per family and you have your own kitchen so you don’t have to spend money eating out.

I have personally rented timeshare units over the years and have never been disappointed.  In fact, on my honeymoon I stayed in a rented timeshare in Ft. Lauderdale for a week.  It was nicer than any hotel I could have rented (and for half the price). 

Timeshare Rentals:

4.  The Best Way To Shop For Airfare

It can be difficult to shop for airfare, especially if you have to go to each airlines website separately.  While many people are sold on Travelocity and Expedia, I have found to be the best alternative.  Sidestep shops all airlines sites through one portal and seems to consistently be the most reliable in find the best deal, in my experience.  I would probably still run a search at Travelocity and Expedia but I would start with

Another idea when shopping for airfare is to be flexible on your departing and arrival airports.  For example, when I lived in Dallas, my family needed to buy five plane tickets for a trip to California.  The best deal I could find was more than $2,000 if we flew out of the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.  If we left from Houston, we would save $1,000!  So, we took the 3 hour drive to Houston and flew out from that airport. 

Likewise, when flying into a major metro area always check airports in the outlying areas for better fares.  When I fly to New York City, I almost always fly into the Newark Airport, which is only about a 30 minute drive from downtown Manhattan.

5.  Air Courier Travel

Looking for some adventure this summer?  Imagine getting a free, or a 90% discounted plane ticket traveling to the Far East or Europe?  Air couriers give up their luggage space in the belly of the airplane.  A cargo company uses this space to make a shipment and in exchange picks up all of most of the cost of your plane ticket.  So, if you can travel with just a carry-on and can be flexible in your plans this might be your ticket to an exotic vacation abroad.  Air courier travel is almost always for international flights, this is not a good strategy for domestic travel.

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