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Jim, I Don't Have Access to Company Benefits And Need To Buy Health Insurance On My Own. I Can't Afford It, What Are Your Suggestions?

Finding yourself without company provided health insurance benefits these days is a very difficult predicament, but don’t panic you do have options. You are too young for medicare and have too much money for medicaid, so what can you do? Health insurance is becoming so expensive that some people are even marrying for it, no kidding! Read this news story – Marrying For Health Insurance If You Recently Discontinued Employment… You may qualify for a continuation of your existing insurance coverage through COBRA. Under Cobra, you will be allowed to continue your current health insurance coverage at your expense. The... Read more →

How To Sell Your Home in 5 Days

The book, How To Sell Your Home in 5 Days by Bill Effros, has sold thousands of copies every year for more than a decade. Effros' book is getting more interest than ever these days from homeowners trying to sell their house in what has become a very slow real estate market. Statistics from many parts of the country indicate that it may take six months or longer for a typical home to sell . Sell your house in 5 days or wait six months, easy decision, right? The Effros book outlines an auction process that sells a home to... Read more →

Jim, What Is Your Opinion of Reverse Mortgages?

Many people are surprised when I tell them that I think reverse mortgages are a great option for people in retirement. Too many retirees today are living without enough money to enjoy their retirement, and some without the funds to even cover their medical needs. For those with a home that is substantially paid off (at least 50% equity), the value of their home may be the key to a better retirement. The concept of reverse mortgages is very confusing, but need not be. A great book on this subject is Reverse Mortgages for Dummies. A reverse mortgage allows individuals... Read more →

The Long and The Short of Short Sales

The latest buzz words in the financial press are short sale. Just what is a short sale? Simply stated, a short sale occurs when the mortgage holder on a property agrees to accept less than what they are owed in order to facilitate a sale of the property. You may have heard the term “upside down” when referencing a homeowner that owes more on a property than it is worth. These are the circumstances under which a short sale would be pursued. Many real estate agents have become familiar with the short sale process, and may even offer to do... Read more →

7 Ways To Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

This week, the editors of Christian take on the task of helping you to lower your cell phone bill. 1. Track Your Minutes Do you know how many minutes you have used of your monthly allowance? Most cell phone companies allow you to go online and review your usage. Knowing how many minutes you have used and have left in your plan will help you in budgeting for the remainder of the month. An even easier way to track your minutes is This is a free service that will send you a text message when you are about... Read more →

How To Save Money On Insurance When You Have A Teenage Driver

According to recent studies, up to 40% of teens are waiting to obtain a driver’s license until they turn 18. Why? It can cost $200 or more per month for insurance, not to mention to soaring price of gas. What can you do to keep the costs down when your teen gets their driver’s license? 1. As with all insurance coverage, it really pays to shop around. You may think that you already have a great deal with your current insurance company, but after you add a teenage driver, your policy cost will likely double. The difference in cost when... Read more →