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When people learn that I make my full time living working online I always love the reaction. Either they don't believe me, or they consider me one of those 'mystical and magical' people that are just plain lucky. It is hysterical because there are still a lot of folks that don't know that you can actually earn money online. Some people will then follow up and ask me what I sell on eBay, since that is the only online business they have heard of (if this is you, you really need to get out more...). When I tell them that... Read more →

If you have already dug through the couch and found all of the loose change, your next search for cash should include your used electronics. As a society we cycle through gadgets more quickly than ever. It seems like as soon as you get that new device there is a newer and better version hitting the market. As a result, most families have a growing stack of old gadgets around the house. What Electronics Can You Sell? The top items you can sell are smart phones, laptops, and tablets. But there is also demand for Amazon Kindles, and even devices... Read more →

On April 3, 1996, a team of FBI agents closed in on an isolated cabin in remote Montana, marking the end of the longest and most expensive investigation in FBI history. The cabin's lone inhabitant was a former mathematics prodigy and professor who had abandoned society decades earlier. Few people knew his name, Theodore Kaczynski, but everyone knew the mayhem and death associated with his nickname: the Unabomber. For two decades, Kaczynski had masterminded a campaign of random terror, killing and maiming innocent people through bombs sent in untraceable packages. The FBI task force charged with finding the perpetrator of... Read more →

On this episode - The polls begin to tighten as the BIden campaign warns supporters that Trump can still win. The gamechanger is Hunter Biden's laptop. The laptop contains thousands of messages and images, raising more questions about the Biden's entanglement with Burisma and China. The laptop also allegedly contains e mails proving that there was a 50/50 split arrangement between Hunter and Joe Biden. The bigger question is why the FBI has not shared this information with the White House after reports suggest that they have had the laptop since December of 2019. The existence of these e mails... Read more →

Jim shares the shocking censorship that is happening on behalf of China and virtually all the major social media platforms are involved. Are the polls predicting a Biden win an attempt to reduce turnout for Trump? Biden says chicanery at the polls is the only way he can lose - who can’t accept the election results? Are you preparing for civil unrest if the election is contested? Focus group in Michigan, vote for Trump because they don’t think that BIden will make it all 4 years and they don’t like Kamala. Buzz grows around Cuomo as Biden's attorney general pick,... Read more →

Bible prophecy expert and YouTube sensation Pastor Paul Begley joins Jim Paris Live. Pastor Paul discusses the upcoming election, confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett, the possibility of civil unrest if the election is contested, how world governments are using the Covid 19 pandemic to put in place controls that are a precursor to the Mark Of The Beast, packing the Supreme Court, and the real danger of a Biden presidency. Read more →

Reverend Willie Maxwell was a rural preacher accused of murdering five of his family members for insurance money in the 1970s. With the help of a savvy lawyer, he escaped justice for years until a relative shot him dead at the funeral of his last victim. Despite hundreds of witnesses, Maxwell's murderer was acquitted - thanks to the same attorney who had previously defended the reverend. Sitting in the audience during the vigilante's trial was Harper Lee, who had traveled from New York City to her native Alabama with the idea of writing her own In Cold Blood, the true-crime... Read more →

Matt Drudge has been labeled everything from “the Walter Cronkite of his era” to a “dangerous menace” and the “country’s reigning mischief-maker.” Political tastes aside, no one disputes Drudge’s influence: a single link from his website, The Drudge Report, has the power to move news cycles, shape front pages, and send television producers into a desperate scramble. The internet blogger equipped with no more than a high school education has been credited for everything from the impeachment of President Bill Clinton to the death of print news and the election of President Donald Trump. Carl Bernstein went so far as... Read more →

On this episode Jim discusses the political battle that is shaping up to be one of the biggest of all time over the nomination of a replacement to the seat of deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Democrats threaten to add more seats to the court in retaliation, even float the possibility of another impeachment to block any nomination prior to the election. Six men arrested for arson in Oregon wildfires but mainstream media won't accept any other narrative but global warming, U.S. government working on an implantable biochip that could detect Covid-19, and another stimulus package is starting... Read more →

On this episode Jim discusses the horrific ambush of two Los Angeles County Deputies left in critical condition and protesters attempting to block entrance to the hospital while chanting 'I hope they die.' Weather Underground terrorist, Bill Ayers, says the civil war has already begun, for the first time in a decade California has a net loss of population, former CIA officer says violence will explode if Trump is re-elected, judge grants injunction barring John MacArthur and Grace Community Church from conducting indoor services, Transexual Satanist Anarchist wins Republican primary for sheriff in New Hampshire county, and Facebook under fire... Read more →

In the late summer of 1969, the nation was transfixed by a series of gruesome murders in the hills of Los Angeles. Newspapers and television programs detailed the brutal slayings of a beautiful actress - 26 years old and eight months pregnant with her first child - as well as a hair stylist, an heiress, a small businessman, and other victims. The City of Angels was plunged into a nightmare of fear and dread. In the weeks and months that followed, law enforcement faced intense pressure to solve crimes that seemed to have no connection. Finally, after months of dead-ends,... Read more →

"James Ray's debut in the film, The Secret, thrust him into the spotlight. . . appearances on Oprah and Larry King Live... 'Tragedy in Sedona' is a behind the scenes look at the rise and fall of the James Ray Empire, through the eyes of an ultimately disenchanted follower. Connie Joy takes you on her personal and authentic journey-from being a devoted member of James' inner circle and Dream Team to...trying to warn others." ~From the Foreword by forensic psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman Follow Connie Joy inside the seminars and once-in-a-lifetime trips to Egypt and Peru for an up close... Read more →

Jim asks if we will still be wearing masks during the Christmas holiday season this year. The real reason people are staying out of restaurant and retail establishments, allegations that Trump called soldiers that died in World War I suckers and losers, Fox News and Drudge both go after Trump, the first presidential debate scheduled for September 29 in Cleveland, Jim shares how he saved $29,000 switching to Christian medical sharing, and three recommended books written by Navy Seals. Read more →

Is former president Barack Obama quietly pulling the strings behind the scenes on all of these protests, boycotts, and riots? Does Kyle Rittenhouse have a solid case of self defense after the release of several new videos? Former Chicago Bears player Brian Urlacher said this week, "Brett Favre played the (Monday Night Football) game the day his dad died, threw 4 TDs in the first half, and was a legend for playing in the face of adversity. NBA players boycott the playoffs because a dude reaching for a knife, wanted on a felony sexual assault warrant, was shot by police."... Read more →