Michael Morell, former Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and, until very recently, a senior fellow at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, has decided to resign his position at Harvard. The reason? Harvard University decided to make Chelsea Manning a fellow. Yup…that Chelsea Manning. As reported by the New York Post, Morell explained his decision to resign by flatly saying he could not be part of an organization “that honors a convicted felon and leaker of classified information.” “Senior leaders in our military have stated publicly that the leaks by Ms. Manning put the lives of U.S.... Read more →

Hillary Clinton; another of those gifts that keep on giving. Or, more precisely, it’s her new book, What Happened, that keeps on giving. Ok…it’s both. According to her memoir, released Tuesday, Clinton’s frustration over the attention paid to her use of a private email server was clearly getting the best of her. As her own words reveal, Hillary, true to form, barely acknowledges her own culpability in the scandal, while saying the reaction to what she had done was the real problem: “It was a dumb mistake. But an even dumber ‘scandal.’ It was like quicksand: the more you struggle,... Read more →

Interview questions may come and go based on trends in human resources, but one query typically made of applicants will likely never go away: “What’s your biggest weakness?” Ugh. It’s funny, though. As often as it has been asked, and as often as it will continue to be asked, there are still far too many job candidates who are woefully ill-prepared for the question when it’s posed. And there’s just no excuse for that. An article over at CNBC by contributor Suzy Welch addresses how to deal with the uncomfortable question, and says that even though the inquiry may seem... Read more →

I just found out that my personal Equifax file was exposed in the data breach. Since the reports are that 143 million credit files were breached last week, I guess I am not surprised. Now, Equifax wants to give those affected a free ID theft membership for a year! What a joke... the people that allowed my information to be exposed are now going to protect me? There is not a chance that I am going to fall for that. What makes matters worse, is that some reports are saying that by joining the free credit monitoring you may be... Read more →

As reported by a variety of news outlets, including The Daily Caller, Jemele Hill, co-host of ESPN’s nightly flagship news program SportsCenter, seemed to go off the rails Monday night…even for someone who works at that network…when she fired off a string of tweets that called President Trump and his supporters “white supremacists.” Good to see nothing has changed at the network that bills itself “the worldwide leader in sports.” Apparently, Hill, a notorious liberal (not that such a description distinguishes her much from practically everyone else who works there), finally reached a point where she could no longer contain... Read more →

Remember the TV show Kids Say the Darndest Things? Clearly, American adults, including far too many who should clearly know better, say the most moronic things. Take this guy…who happens to be an attorney, no less. Obviously a screaming leftist (you’ll know why that conclusion can be safely drawn in just a sec), Robert Ranco of the Carlson Law Firm fired off a tweet this weekend (there’s that Twitter again) in which he said he’d be just fine if Education Secretary Betsy DeVos happened to be raped. Say what? Here is Ranco’s actual message posted on Twitter: “I’m not wishing... Read more →

President Trump is making it clear that he will not be trifled with by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. As reported by The Christian Post, Trump has pointedly told U.S. military forces to be prepared to shoot down missiles launched by North Korea that are aimed at Hawaii, Guam, or the continental U.S. Kim’s ongoing threats, as well as NK’s insistence on continuing ballistic missile tests, has prompted Trump to make certain America’s military is fully prepared to engage North Korea. A source close to the president said that Kim has succeeding in “provoking” Trump. Speaking at a press conference... Read more →

Do you travel with friends? A lot of people don’t. They just aren’t confident that the friendship will actually survive the getaway. It’s one thing to meet your pals locally for dinner, or entertain at the house for a few hours. It’s quite another to go away…like way away…with friends on a bona fide trip. Traveling together as adults has a tendency to be very different from traveling in groups as younger people. For one thing, kids are more likely to see the world the same way; it’s when we grow into mature adulthood that our likes and dislikes, and... Read more →

Are you one of those Americans who’s having difficulty connecting the dots between what you see on the television and your own experiences, when it comes to how folks in this country treat one another? Turn on the TV, and there are lots of protesters…lots of hate. Screaming.Violence. Just unbelievable stuff. Indeed, if what you see on TV was your only frame of reference, you’d surely think by now that the U.S. was the most polarized country on the planet. But what you see on TV isn’t your only frame of reference. Thankfully, the principal information source for your worldview... Read more →

The Australian government has decided it’s not playing around when it comes to statue defacement in the land Down Under. While American politicians all across the U.S. have been happy to accommodate vandals in their efforts to violently remove statues and memorials they don’t like, Australia’s prime minister has a remarkably cogent response to defacements and tear-downs committed there. As the movement to purge statues has gained traction in those nations with colonialism/imperialism as a part of their historical past, Australia has decided it will in no way be playing ball with protesters. Following a series of graffiti attacks on... Read more →

Whatever progressive beliefs Pope Francis may actually harbor, there is at least one area in which he remains committed to traditional values. In a book published Wednesday in France, Politics and Society by Dominique Wolton, the pope makes it clear that the Church view of marriage has his full support. “We cannot change it. This is the nature of things,” said the pontiff about traditional marriage. As for gay marriage, Francis says that it should be limited to the form of “civil unions.” As noted by The Christian Post, the pope’s latest declaration about marriage serves as a reiteration, of... Read more →

As reported by The Hill, President Trump on Friday weighed in on the battle between three Texas houses of worship and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on the matter of the churches’ eligibility to receive disaster relief money. Communicating through Twitter (where else?), Trump said, “Churches in Texas should be entitled to reimbursement from FEMA Relief Funds for helping victims of Hurricane Harvey (just like others).” Three churches - Harvest Family Church, the Hi-Way Tabernacle and the Rockport First Assembly of God – are suing FEMA in an effort to get the money. The lawsuit claims that the federal... Read more →

On this video, Jim discusses what he calls 'Profit Surfing.' This is a training that was previously only available to subscribers but it has become so popular that we are releasing it publicly. In the training you will learn how to make money online by simply promoting other people's products and services through affiliate marketing. Read more →

According to U.S. News & World Report, Hillary Clinton’s upcoming memoir, titled What Happened, is none too kind to her chief rival for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders. As a matter of fact, it’s clear from what Clinton has to say in the new book that she flatly blames Sanders for Democrats losing the White House, essentially accusing him of making a try for the party nomination that was insincere. Clinton writes at one point that “[Bernie Sanders] isn't a Democrat. He didn't get into the race to make sure a Democrat won the White House, he got... Read more →

There’s an idea that’s persisted for some time that winning a big prize in the state lottery is actually more curse than blessing. To make their case, those who take that position point to the seemingly-countless stories of previous winners who’ve ended up on severely hard times in spite of - or even because of - their “good fortune. It does seem difficult to believe that anyone who wins millions upon millions of dollars would have any troubles whatsoever, and yet those people are out there. But are the problems that follow really rooted in the money? Or is there... Read more →