It appears that cops are under fire these days for all kinds of reasons. According to The Daily Caller, it looks as though the entire Fort Lauderdale, Florida Police Department is going to have to attend training designed to make its members more aware of, and sensitive to, the special considerations of interacting with transgender persons. To include learning by what pronoun to refer to them. This all started when Office James Brinton stopped Shelby Kendall for a traffic violation back in January. Brinton is a transgender woman, but Officer Brinton continually referred to Kendall using male pronouns. What particularly... Read more →

On this episode Jim discusses his recent trip out west and the explosion in popularity of side gigs, like Uber and Lyft. While on this trip Jim had the chance to interview several drivers and shares some interesting insight about one of America's most popular side gigs. He also discusses the great experience he had flying the discount airlines. An odd place that you are now expected to tip, sites will be asking people for a credit card to prove they are 18 or older, but will there be unintended consequences? Is this the beginning of the end of anonymous... Read more →

Good victories clearly die hard for some people. Ever since Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, there has been no shortage of people expressing all manner of sour grapes over the way things turned out for him, as well as for defeated Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton. Among the most recent of such expressions from high-profile personalities is that made last week by none other than Rev. Jesse Jackson. Jackson was back in Chicago on Thursday at the convention of his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, where he introduced speaker Tom Perez, the recently-anointed Democratic National Committee chairman. As reported by The... Read more →

Significant elements of Islamic religion and culture continue to be woven into the fabric of Western society around the world. Another example of this comes to us from the land down under, Australia, where it has been learned that at what most consider to be that country’s most prestigious law school, Sydney University, noteworthy components of sharia law, including permissibility of both polygamy and child marriage, are now being taught. According to The Daily Telegraph, Sydney offers a course called Muslim Minorities and the Law, in which a textbook is used that says “sharia and common law are not inherently... Read more →

The population of the countries that comprise the European Union (EU) is on the rise, but it has nothing to do with the birthrate outpacing the rates of deaths. It’s because of migration. According to EURACTIV, Eurostat, the EU’s statistics office, noted the change in the natural population of the body’s 28 nations was, in fact, neutral, in that there were the same number of births and deaths recorded (5.1 million) for year 2016. It is, therefore, migration to those nations that accounts for the net population increase of 1.5 million last year. Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament,... Read more →

When you enter into agreements with banks and credit card companies, there is a section of the terms that addresses how disputes are to be handled. Very frequently, the section declares that by becoming a customer, you accept that any formal disagreement with the corporate powers that be shall be handled by way of arbitration, rather than litigation. While arbitration as a means to settling disputes may offer benefits to consumers, including speed of process, less formality, and (ideally) less cost, one of the big problems with it has to do with the oft-stipulated requirement that agreeing to arbitration means... Read more →

Are you one of those folks who thinks the culture is going down the tubes, and that raising kids and grandkids to have good morals and ethics is basically impossible now? If so, recently-released results from a survey conducted by the American Culture and Faith Institute (ACFI) reveal that you are in no way alone. The data indicates that just over half of all Americans believe the current culture pervasive throughout the United States exerts a net negative influence on those kids age 18 and younger. As you might imagine, those numbers go up significantly among people who self-identify as... Read more →

Evidence of a worldwide explosion in institutional anti-semitism continues to find its way into the light. Among the latest pieces of information to that effect: According to the Toronto Sun, roughly 800 elementary schools within Canada’s Ontario province received a sixth grade social studies textbook that says Israel violates the human rights of its children by recruiting them to be “spies and soldiers,” and also goes as far as to say that Israel kidnaps children to serve as soldiers, forcing them to fight. The textbook, Canada and the Global Community, is published by Nelson Canada, and, rather disturbingly, received the... Read more →

Here’s one of the world’s worst-kept secrets: It’s tough out there. Despite supposedly-plummeting unemployment and a tighter job market, there are lots of people who’ve been out of work for long periods, and find themselves having to artfully account for that time when they seek work. Problem is, too many people are not doing a good job explaining their resume gaps, and are struggling to land work as a result. An article over at points out that while such gaps don’t have to spell doom to your chances of finding meaningful employment, how much affect they have on your... Read more →

As reported by The Christian Post, the Church of England has officially declared that it will not only welcome transgender persons to the church, but will also affirm them, as well. From a motion that passed during a meeting of the General Synod over the weekend: “That this Synod, recognizing the need for transgender people to be welcomed and affirmed in their parish church, call on the House of Bishops to consider whether some nationally commended liturgical materials might be prepared to mark a person’s gender transition.” As a matter of fact, not only did the motion pass, but it... Read more →

While much of the talk about robots and robotics these days centers on the utility of the machines for the workplace, there’s another aspect to robots, one much darker, that is beginning to garner a great deal of attention. As much as technology has often shown itself to be very much a doubled-edged sword, it would be difficult to say that anywhere else is that more apparent than it is with respect to the development of lifelike robots created to be sexual partners for humans. But that is, stunningly, and sadly enough, where we are, presently. Worse, there is now... Read more →

That Mark Zuckerberg sure is ambitious. As noted by, Zuckerberg, appearing recently at a Facebook event in Chicago, compared the social media platform he founded to church, going as far as to suggest that Facebook could actually replace church in several key respects. “A church doesn’t just come together,” Zuckerberg noted. “It has a pastor who cares for the well-being of their congregation, makes sure they have food and shelter. A little league team has a coach who motivates the kids and helps them hit better. Leaders set the culture, inspire us, give us a safety net, and look... Read more →

Well, THIS doesn’t seem very progressive-y. It seems that New York City’s mega-liberal mayor, Bill de Blasio, has had it with…panhandlers. You thought that previous word was going to read “gun owners,” or “Republicans,” something like that. Actually, it’s no secret that the mayor has had it with those folks, as well, but it is apparently panhandlers that are really getting under his skin, at present. As a matter of fact, de Blasio is so sick of panhandlers that he’s ready to ban the practice outright. As reported by the New York Post, the mayor appeared Friday on WNYC radio,... Read more →

During an appearance last Thursday on CNBC’s popular “Squawk Box” program, the founder of the iconic Home Depot brand, Ken Langone, came out swinging at the media over its treatment of President Trump. Langone, attacking the media over what he sees as a pronounced lack of objectivity in its reporting on the president, pointedly said that “the media ought to be ashamed of itself.” “The whole idea of a newspaper to me is ‘give me the facts,’” said Langone. “The New York Times’ front page is the equivalent of the editorial page now.” Langone was particularly critical of the effort... Read more →

In a recent appearance on CNBC, former Republican congressman and outspoken libertarian Ron Paul suggested that those euphoric stock market investors who’ve seen monstrous gains in their portfolios for years now…might want to re-think their positions just a bit before too much more time passes. Paul, speaking on “Futures Now,” echoed the sentiments of a growing number of learned voices who believe not only the market activity of recent years is unsustainable, but that the underpinnings of the nation’s economy are not nearly as strong as many think. As a matter of fact, Paul thinks that the market is in... Read more →