His name is Jason Hanson, and he is a former CIA agent. He has also put together an online training program on how to obtain a Federal Firearms License (FFL). One aspect of this that really caught my attention was that this is a business that can be operated from a home. I also loved the idea of being able to buy firearms and ammunition wholesale for myself. Another segment of the training that was also very interesting is what Hanson calls 'multiple streams of gun income.' This is where he outlines several different profit opportunities associated with having an... Read more →

I ran across a really weird idea this week, but after thinking about it for a few minutes, I quickly concluded it wasn't all that strange after all. With all of the high tech messaging going on in our culture, there is one low tech method of communication that still works very well - T-Shirts. With the upcoming election, and all of the controversial things going on in the country right now, you can bet that funny and clever messages on T-Shirts will be everywhere. Have you ever come up with a one liner that you thought would make a... Read more →

One of the great things about Amazon is that it has EVERYTHING. This is also Amazon's biggest weakness as well. Many times people will find a site like Amazon more than a little overwhelming. If you are looking for a specific item, the large number of choices can make the process very confusing and time consuming. An additional problem for Amazon is that a niche site can easily rank higher in a given category in a search. For example, while Amazon does sell hammers, it would be much easier for a website that exclusively sold hammers to achieve a higher... Read more →

I am always on the lookout for unique opportunities, especially those that can represent a great part time income. There is a lady in my small town that does very well managing social media for a number of the local businesses. I have been looking around trying to find a good course on this topic that I can recommend. PaidSocialMediaJobs is a very interesting program. They even have a news segment from a local TV channel discussing the opportunity. Businesses owners understand that getting new customers today is no longer about buying an ad in the Yellow Pages, but having... Read more →

As many of you know, for the past nine months I have been having a blast with my Amazon Flipping project. For those that are not regular readers, this is what I call my strategy of buying items offline and and reselling them on Amazon. In some circles this is called retail arbitrage. If you do a Google search for this phrase, you will quickly learn that this is the hottest thing since the launch of eBay. What I love about it, is the simplicity. Amazon sells my stuff and handles shipping, customer service, billing, and then deposits my share... Read more →

Note: The Amazon Associates opportunity is currently not available to residents of Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Missouri, Rhode Island, or Vermont. Jim Discussing This Article On Live Radio In Chicago If you are a regular reader, you are no doubt aware that I have been involved in the world of Internet marketing for several years now. In the beginning, I was utilizing these Internet money-making concepts for the purpose of earning a living from this blog and my website (ChristianMoney.com). In hindsight now, I am realizing that a mistake I have made is not taking more full advantage of the Amazon... Read more →

I have been buying offline and reselling on Amazon for several months now. I have made so many mistakes, but seem to have mastered this whole platform now. I want to share with you some of the real game-changers for me, and also some recent examples of actual items I have bought and resold. Amazon Discount Shipping In the very beginning I did not use the Amazon discount shipping option available to Amazon FBA resellers. It was right there in my dashboard, but when they said 'discounted shipping' I thought it was something minor (like 5 or 10 percent off).... Read more →

City Offers Up The Heads Of Six Police Officers To Baltimore Rioters

After experts said that it would be weeks, maybe even months before determining what happened in the Freddie Gray case, all six officers were charged in the Freddie Gray case. Jim shares his outrage about the rush to charge six Baltimore Police officers before any meaningful investigation could have taken place. Western Union enters into agreement with digital currency that some believe is the next Bitcoin, and what vintage electronic device is bringing big bucks on eBay? Read more →

Getting Paid To Shop At Thrift Stores

If you are a regular reader, you are no doubt aware of my recent adventure that I call 'Amazon Flipping.' I stumbled across this weird business opportunity about six months ago, and it has been a very wild ride (and a lot of fun). If you have missed my updates, here are links to a variety of articles I have posted on the topic - Amazon Flipping: A Weird New Way People Are Making Money Online Finding Items To Resell - Amazon Flipping Update Amazon Flipping: Deciding What Items To Sell on eBay Instead Planning To Pocket $500 On My... Read more →

*** Update April 2, 2015: I am excited to report back now that I have received the various products that I bought from China and any last bit of skepticism I had is now gone. We have also made an investment in some new training that we are going through all about finding wholesale sources for products. We are opening up the offer (listed below) until Monday night April 6th at midnight Eastern. I am also going to do a live webinar next week where I will be taking questions from students of this training program. This would be an... Read more →

The Internet is a lot more than sending emails, watching cute cat videos on YouTube, and reconnecting with old friends on Facebook. The Internet is largely how business gets done nowadays, and whether you are a work-from-home entrepreneur or an employee at a company constantly in search of ways to gain an edge over the competition, the business orientation of the Internet is something to which you should be paying particular attention. Why Website Building Skills Will Continue To Be In High Demand This article is not, however, simply a recitation on how important the Internet is to business; it... Read more →

If your current financial circumstances are leaving you in need of a little more dough to help make life easier for you and your family, but the idea of taking a second…or third…job is most unappealing, one option you might want to consider is something called “retail arbitrage.” The term arbitrage is used most typically in connection with formal investing, but the word, at its core, simply refers to the practice of exploiting the difference in price among different markets of a particular asset. In the case of retail arbitrage, the asset is a consumer good, and the idea is... Read more →

There are currently two homes being built on the street where I live. The sound is obnoxious and the air is dusty. The good news is, however, that it should all be over in about two months and my own house will go up in value with these nice additions to the neighborhood. I am currently doing a large amount of property development myself, and I plan on living on the income from it during my later years. I also expect to leave the income streams from these properties to my family upon my death. The development I am engaged... Read more →

What To Do When You Can't Pay Your Bills It may be one of life's scariest moments. You realize that there are significantly more bills than you have money to pay them with. It might be the result of overspending for months or even years, on the other hand it could simply be the loss of a job and no emergency savings to fall back on. We don't seem to have much to offer people in such predicaments within the Christian community. Consider it tantamount to offering an exercise program or a cholesterol pill to someone having a heart attack.... Read more →

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I have had a fascination with lost money my entire career. There is something so exciting about finding money that you have been separated from (often times money you had no idea you even had). This week I picked up on a new way to search for lost money that may be one of the biggest breakthroughs on the topic yet. How The Internet Has Changed Everything, But It Was Still Not Perfect Being able to go to a state or federal website and complete a comprehensive search... Read more →