In the news this week was the revelation of multiple patent applications filed by Bank Of America related to the creation of a new cryptocurrency, could it be the next Bitcoin? Why online college degrees are now the smart way to get an education. How to get prepped in one trip to Wal-Mart, $100,000 Christmas bonuses, two scams to avoid this holiday season, and will gas prices stay this low for very long? Read more →

Will Greece Ignite A Worldwide Financial Collapse?

On this episode Jim digests and comments on the defeated Greek referendum and what it may mean to word financial markets. Also discussed is the financial collapse of Puerto Rico and the stock market in China. Is the rise in the value of Bitcoin connected to the situation in Greece? Jim also comments on a new smartphone app that can be used to steal your credit cards, and how bankruptcy courts are dealing with social media account. Read more →

Guilty Pleas Prove The Financial Markets Are Rigged

In this episode Jim discusses the criminal charges against five major banks for rigging the currency markets. Bitcoin now officially listed as a currency on Google Finance. Cleveland Police arrest 71 people in riots over police shooting. Vandals hit California dam resulting in the loss of 49 million gallons of water. Are chipped credit cards really stopping credit card theft? How bankruptcy trustees are using clawbacks to sue colleges for tuition paid by the recently bankrupt, and Ripple Labs receives $28 million in funding. Read more →

On this episode of the ChristianMoneyPlus member podcast Jim Paris and Bob Yetman discuss the money saving benefits of babysitting co-ops, the reality that many older Americans are entering retirement with significant education debt, how to buy Bitcoin through a stockbroker and even in your IRA, and is it now tougher to get a job as you get older? Go To Podcast Helping you make the most of God's money! James L. Paris Editor-In-Chief Follow Me on Twitter Christian Financial Advice Jim Paris 24 Hour Radio Read more →

It has been a bit too long since I posted an article on the subject of digital currency. If you are a regular reader, you know that we have been very excited about a newer digital currency (Ripple XRP) that many people believe could be the next Bitcoin. Of course, Bitcoin has been on a roller coaster ride with a price of more than $1,000 to now trading in the $200 to $300 range. Bitcoin (like Ripple) initially started with a value of less than one penny. For more details on Ripple XRP (history, etc..), check out my prior article... Read more →

New Digital Currency Offer From Jim Paris

Our 1,000 Ripple XRP giveaway to new annual subscribers generated a remarkable response (and the offer officially ended last week). We received quite a few e mails, however, from individuals seeking a way to get in on the free digital currency, but with a more modest financial outlay. We are excited to open up a special offer today (good until Sunday night January 25 at midnight Eastern). All you need to do is sign up for a monthly subscription and we will bonus you 300 Ripple XRP. Our monthly subscription has an initial enrollment of just $37 and then $9.95... Read more →

I have been sharing my enthusiasm for Ripple XRP for a year now. Many (including me) believe that it is the next Bitcoin. If you want to know more about Ripple, here is my article from a year ago. The purpose of today's article is to discuss the rapid increase in value since July of this year. I receive frequent questions from readers of the blog about the fluctuating value of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is currently valued at $329. I initially bought Bitcoin when it was only at $12, so I am not terribly concerned about the wide fluctuations. Volatility is,... Read more →

James Woods Blames Al Sharpton For Death Of NYPD Officers On this episode - Actor James Woods blames Al Sharpton for shooting of NYPD officers. Jim shares more on his retail arbitrage strategy, how to buy products offline and sell for double or triple on Amazon. The 844 Area Code Phantom Debt Scam. Sony says it will release The Interview through an alternate channel. Ripple XRP a digital currency similar to Bitcoin jumps 500% in value. Read more →

I was very excited to read that the Ripple platform has just made a major advancement adding the ability to make instant deposits through several major U.S. banks. I have been pointing out for months that Ripple XRP is much more than a digital currency, and that the Ripple trading platform is equally as exciting. One of the issues that many of our members at ChristianMoneyPlus (our monthly newsletter and premium content portal) have been frustrated with is the process of funding a Ripple account. In my own case, I have been using the 'send money' payment feature of my... Read more →

Here we go again, another new reason to begin planning the funeral of Bitcoin. I am not sure why Bitcoin has so many antagonists, but they just thrive on bad news about the digital currency. Each time there is a negative news item, or a drop in the price of Bitcoin, they just can't wait to begin their 'I told you so commentaries.' Within mere minutes they begin to bask in the glow of their Bitcoin is dead pronouncement and then the digital currency makes yet another comeback. So, here we go again... and it is very fun to watch.... Read more →

Someone has taken the concept of digital currency to a new level by backing it with gold and silver. Virtually all cryptocurrencies derive their value from an underlying mathematical algorithm. NoFiatCoin, which recently launched and is currently valued at $8.50 per unit, offers the added value of being partially backed by physical gold and silver. What also caught my attention is that that NoFiatCoin will trade exclusively on the Ripple platform. As many of our readers already know, I am convinced that Ripple XRP is positioned to be a very strong player in the digital currency space. The Ripple trading... Read more →

One of the most popular topics on the blog this year has been Bitcoin. Many of you already know my own story of putting $20 in Bitcoin in October of 2012 and watching it grow to be worth $1,400. Now that the whole idea of virtual currency has really caught on, I wanted to investigate what other opportunities might be available. I have been hearing a lot of buzz about a new virtual currency called Ripple. In fact, many believe that Ripple is the next Bitcoin. To read my past articles on Bitcoin, click here. Check out the 48 minute... Read more →

Many of you know that with the explosion of Bitcoin there have been some significant changes in buying and selling. On my video course, which was filmed live back in the spring of 2013, we suggested using Due to volume and regulatory issues, BitInstant is no longer accepting new purchase orders (although we understand that they will be back online soon). As a result, we are suggesting the following new procedure: 1. Go to www.blockchain.Info and set up a free wallet. A wallet is simply an online means of securing and storing your password and log in credentials. 2.... Read more →

From $12 To $900 In One Year, Why It's Not Too Late To Buy Bitcoin

I decided to take a serious look at Bitcoin for the first time in October of 2012. I was well aware of the digital currency, but did not think an article was warranted. It was, however, increasingly becoming the subject of questions we were receiving from readers. As part of my initial research into the digital currency, I purchased a modest $20 amount. This was primarily to go through the 'buying' process which can be a little involved, and was integral to my piece. At the time of my purchase, the cost of a single Bitcoin was only $12. My... Read more →

In this episode - Is there an Alex Jones conspiracy to crash the Bitcoin? You might be surprised to learn who one of the largest holders of Bitcoin is? An update on the suspension of trading of the Bitcoin this week, and is a Bitcoin exchange traded fund coming soon? Hosted by James L. Paris and Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Click here to download… Read more →