*** Find Out If You Are Affected By The Equifax Data Breach - Click Here Credit Sesame is a fantastic and free online service that provides consumers with a host of tools to manage and improve their finances. Unlike many similar sites, they do not offer a free trial which is followed up by a $10 per month charge - it is free and continues to be free without any strings attached. There is one feature, in particular, that I want draw your attention to, their credit scoring module. Not only do you gain access to your credit score, but... Read more →

Are you slowly chipping away at your student loans and wondering if you’ll ever manage to pay them off entirely? Or maybe you’re struggling trying to make your monthly payments and wish your payments were lower? Repaying student debt is a long journey – but there are ways to become debt-free more quickly and easily. One of those ways is by refinancing your student loans. Refinancing your student loan debt can potentially lower your interest rate and your monthly payments, allowing you to repay your debt faster and save money. But not everyone should refinance their student loan debt. Here... Read more →

According to an article over at USA Today, a lot of American car buyers are doing it wrong. Car buying, that is. Specifically, the article, reflecting information gleaned from the popular automotive resource site Edmunds.com, points out that with the number of individuals financing their new rides for many years, but trading them in after just a couple, are doing themselves a distinct financial disservice. Perhaps the best reason to finance a car, rather than lease, is so that, at some point, you can drive a car that no longer has a financial obligation attached to it. You’ve heard those... Read more →

Most tend to think of the problems with having poor credit in terms of the higher interest rates charged, or even the inability to be approved at all for a home or auto loan. As you may have heard, many employers nowadays make a review of your credit a standard feature of the screening process, as credit history has come to be seen - fairly or unfairly - as a measure of your personal integrity. This means that your checkered history can not only stand in the way between you and a competitive, money-saving interest rate, or approval to buy... Read more →

The federal government’s recent crackdown on for-profit “career colleges” has given hope to many students and graduates who believe they were duped by certain of these schools on the basis of untrue graduate career placement records, predatory financial and student recruiting practices, and deceptive marketing. In a stunning move back in June 2015, the U.S. Department of Education fully canceled the federal student loan debt of thousands of students of various of the Corinthian Colleges, a for-profit education company that had numerous “career colleges” in its stable of subsidiary schools, including Everest, Heald, and WyoTech. Another step in the direction... Read more →

How To Rapidly Pay Off Student Loans And Reduce Payments

On this episode, student loan terminator Jan Miller joins Jim to discuss a wide variety of topics related to student loans. How to substantially reduce student loan payments and even qualify for student loan forgiveness. How to lock in your student loan interest rates, and even how to rehabilitate a loan that is in default. Practical ideas and solutions for anyone with a student loan debt (even co-signers). Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large Abby Lee Miller, the oft-tyrannical dance coach from the popular reality show Dance Moms, is finding herself on the receiving end of some harsh treatment this week – she’s been indicted by a federal grand jury in Pittsburgh on 20 counts of various charges related to bankruptcy fraud. Miller is accused of concealing more than $750,000 from the bankruptcy court, inside of secret accounts set up specifically for that purpose. The alleged source of the money is income earned in years 2012 and 2013 from shows, dance sessions, and merchandise related to... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large What you likely don’t consider is the possibility of your kids or grandkids becoming victims of ID theft. Why would they? They don’t really own anything, and they certainly don’t own the kinds of financial tools and assets…like credit cards and bank accounts…that are ripe for capture by nefarious people. Given that, you might be surprised to learn that children are over 50 times likelier to become victims of ID theft than adults, according to a Carnegie Mellon study. What makes kids such big targets for identity thieves is that they do... Read more →

Student Loan Forgiveness, Payment Reduction, And More, With Jan Miller

Student loan expert Jan Miller joins Jim for a powerful discussion of strategies for dealing with student loans. How to consolidate, refinance, and even how to get total forgiveness through a speical Obama program. What to do if your loan is in default, and can student loans be discharged in bankruptcy. Read more →

Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large Credit monitoring and identity theft services are very popular, but the significant amount of marketing that goes into promoting them tends to give customers a false sense of security. Experts in the field roundly dismiss the utility of credit monitoring as a means by which to protect oneself from identity thieves with any real vigor, but the services remain exceedingly popular. This is not to say they are devoid of any value, but the problem is that because they lack the aforementioned vigor in protecting someone from having his credit breached by an... Read more →

With the many protections in place today for cardholders, most people today don't worry all that much about a credit card falling into the wrong hands. The reality is, however, that being the victim of a credit card theft can represent much more than just an inconvenience. 7 Ways To Protect Yourself 1. Understand The Law - Never Share Your PIN Federal law limits your loss on a stolen credit card to a maximum of $50. Things get much more murky on debit cards, however. If you don't report the loss of a debit card within two business days you... Read more →

Will Bitcoin Soar Again After A Greek Financial Meltdown?

On this episode Jim discusses the upcoming expected financial collapse of Greece. What does it mean for Europe and even to our own financial markets? Will a Greek collapse return Bitcoin to its previous historical highs? Is Greece a preview of what may happen here in the U.S. if we don't take control of our exploding national debt? Jim says that now may be the time to consider leasing an electric car, and the future of Christian publishing after the bankruptcy of Christian Family Bookstore. Read more →

Grassy Knoll Shooter Confesses To JFK Conspiracy

On this episode Jim discusses the claim made by convicted felon James Files that he was the grassy knoll shooter in the JFK assassination plot. Real estate heir Robert Durst arrested for murder. Is the Fed poised to raise interest rates? The U.S. is about to hit the debt limit again. Yahoo's new password system, and YouTube makes available 360 degree videos. Read more →