Hackers recently infiltrated the computer network of Sony Pictures and posted online the Social Security numbers of Sylester Stallone, Conan O'Brien, and tens of thousands of current and former employees. We don't know if Rocky cried out, 'Adrian, Adrian, my identity has been stolen,' but it is likely that he uttered a few choice words. While some speculated that North Korea was behind the security breach, they have denied it (but can we believe them?). The working theory on the involvment of North Korea was that the breach was in retaliation for an upcoming comedy about Kim Jon Un. An... Read more →

These days, it’s hardly out of the ordinary for people to carry significant credit card balances. It’s not necessarily due to self-indulgent, carefree living or anything like that, but, rather, because of just how difficult it is to get by these days, in a world still characterized by economic malaise, to include rampant underemployment, which, in many respects, is worse than the outright unemployment problem plaguing the nation. One such person recently asked for my thoughts on just how to get out from under his burdensome credit card debt. His situation is not unusual: he’s a fellow with three cards,... Read more →

According to a study recently conducted by the Urban Institute, just over one-third of adult Americans with a credit file have a debt in collections. For purposes of this study, “debt in collections” refers to a non-mortgage debt/bill, like a credit card or utility bill, that is more than six months past due. Perhaps just as shockingly, according to this study, is that just over five percent of all Americans with a credit file has a credit report that reflects past due debt, which means they are between 30 and 180 days late on a non-mortgage payment. This data is... Read more →

I shared a graphic the other night on my live workshop on credit repair that I just had to make part of a blog post. If you understand what I am about to share with you, you will be in a position to very quickly raise your credit score. The chart above could not make it more clear that the real credit game is in the two largest slices of the credit scoring pie. 30% Debt Utilization Ratio Fancy term, right? But the idea is simple. On revolving accounts, points are added to your score by comparing the amount of... Read more →

There is quite a lot of confusion about the issue of how long an item can legally stay on a credit report. Oddly enough, people will really dig in their heels about what they believe to be true. There are about as many urban myths about time limits in the world of credit repair as there are Elvis sightings. The above comment is on one of our very popular YouTube videos on credit repair. Note the classic confusion and misunderstanding about the issue of statute of limitations and the length of time an item can stay on a credit report.... Read more →

One of the most common misunderstandings about credit repair is the amount of importance given to negative accounts. When most people begin to review their credit report, the first thing they are drawn to are the so called 'bad accounts.' They mistakenly believe that if they could just clear up these items they would end up with a good score. Oddly enough, tinkering with these accounts will usually do nothing to raise your score, and will many times do just the opposite. The Absence Of 'Bad Credit ' Does Not Make A Good Credit Score The misguided and uninformed will... Read more →

New Video On Credit Repair I am contacted on a daily basis by people that are not only being treated like third class citizens, their lives have been ruined due to a low credit score. A poor credit score follows you everywhere you go and has an impact on virtually every aspect of your life. Not only will you be stuck with the highest interest rates, you may not be able to borrow at all. Those with damaged credit end up renting and have given up on any hopes of owning a home. Insurance rates in many states include a... Read more →

The Internet has changed just about everything, and that includes the world of credit reports and credit repair. Consumers can now access their credit files online and even initiate disputes through credit bureau websites. If you have read our book Credit Scoring Secrets, you are well aware of your credit rights. Of course, the centerpiece of credit repair is the dispute letter. We have our own series of credit repair letters that are available for free to members of ChristianMoneyPlus.com. Today I want to address a frequent question on whether or not to use the online dispute option (now available... Read more →

I agree that Christians should pay the debts that they owe, if they can. Can we all accept the reality that collection agencies and old debt are not quite so clear cut? I just love the Christian financial seminars that quote the appropriate Scriptures (the wicked borrow and do not pay back) and tell you to cower in fear and pay exactly what a debt collector tells you to (if you are a real Christian after all...). No, that is not the advice of Jim Paris. I believe that the debt collection industry is one of the most evil of... Read more →

Many of you know that I love Credit Karma and have written about their service in this blog in the past. Not only does the site provide your credit score for free, they also provide free credit monitoring. Most people don't fully grasp what I mean by free when referencing this service. NO, this is not a free trial that begins charging you after 30 days. It is actually free on an ongoing basis. My wife and I have both signed up for Credit Karma and it works just as advertised. In fact, I got a notification just the other... Read more →

Did you know that there is no mechanism within the credit reporting industry to link a credit report to a person's age? That was just one of the major lessons I learned while researching this article. What this means is that a Social Security number of a child can be just as valuable as that of an adult to an identity thief. I was also shocked to learn that one in ten children in the United States are victims of identity theft. Many States Are Now Enacting Laws To Deal With Child ID Theft There are a wide array of... Read more →

Does It Ever Make Sense To Hire A Credit Repair Firm?

Let's face it, credit repair is complicated and it also takes time. Most other tasks that include these two components are regularly hired out to professionals, but why not credit repair? Well, it all has to do with a conspiracy (yep, another conspiracy theory) between the three major credit bureaus and our federal government. Back in the 1990's one of the businesses I owned was a credit repair service and we did a lot of good for people. I can remember that at any one point time we would have at least 20 to 30 active files we were working... Read more →

Medical Credit Cards - A Bad Idea Gets Worse

A new kind of credit card is making its debut and at an unlikely place; your medical provider's office. They are called medical credit cards and are offered through the offices of doctors, dentists, and other niche medical providers. The idea is that if a patient is short on cash, the provider can arrange for financing through a third party. This way the provider is paid, the patient receives the treatment they need, and payments can be made over time. It all sounds good, right? Many of these medical finance programs also offer a zero percent interest for a short... Read more →