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Jesse Jackson: 2016 Election “Stolen” from Hillary Clinton

Good victories clearly die hard for some people.

Ever since Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, there has been no shortage of people expressing all manner of sour grapes over the way things turned out for him, as well as for defeated Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton.


Among the most recent of such expressions from high-profile personalities is that made last week by none other than Rev. Jesse Jackson. Jackson was back in Chicago on Thursday at the convention of his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, where he introduced speaker Tom Perez, the recently-anointed Democratic National Committee chairman.

As reported by The Washington Free Beacon, while introducing Perez, Jackson said, “To have a head of our party who is sensitive to the plight of working people is the order of this day. Don’t forget when you lose; you tend to amplify ‘would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.’ When you win, you cover up your sins. Let nobody fool you. We worked last year; we won the election. It was stolen.”

It was?

Jackson went on to clarify what he meant by “stolen,” adding, “From John F. Kennedy to Nixon to Carter to Ford to Clinton to Barack if any of them had to face the impact A: of Russian interference in such a bold way— had to face the foolishness of the electoral college and the interference of the FBI, none of them—  Hillary won in spite of having a three million vote lead. So we are not going to let anybody break our spirit. We are going to keep fighting back.”

Thank goodness he cleared that up.

by Robert G. Yetman, Jr.