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If Actor Woody Harrelson Can Have a $500 Wedding…Can’t You?

Well, sure you can. You just have to resolve in your own mind that it’s OK to do it.

The trend toward looking at less-expensive ways to celebrate marital unions started to gain traction several years ago, when, apparently, the dad of some bride-to-be woke up one day and asked, “Tell me again why we’re spending $100,000 on this wedding?”


As many have figured out, if you dig past the contrived glitz and glamour of the ceremony and reception, and get down to what many recognize as being the real purpose of a wedding…the public expression of love, loyalty, and fidelity to one another in front of family members and valued friends…the rest of it seems so unnecessary that it looks almost silly, in the light of day.

Indeed, some came to this very conclusion long ago, including actor Woody Harrelson.

As detailed in an article posted over at, Harrelson tells Davy Rothbart of the online investing platform Wealthsimple that he’s learned “the least expensive things can be the most personally rewarding. Take my wedding, for example. The whole event cost a total of $500.”

“We didn’t feel the need to shell out a ton of cash and do anything over the top,” Harrelson goes on to say. “It was basically just a bunch of good friends getting together in Maui. I paid for some food and drinks, a few hundred bucks, and that was about it.”

Obviously, getting to and from Maui is not included in the $500, but don’t let that cause you to miss the point: the celebration itself was a very inexpensive affair.

Ask yourself this question: When you think of the most fun, most memorable times you’ve ever had in social settings, were those settings characterized by great expense and “pageantry”? Or were they very casual and relaxed?

If you’re like so many others, it was the latter.

So why fight it? Recognize that, and plan your wedding accordingly.

Oh, and the money you save? It may well be enough to make a tremendous, positive impact on something of great significance as you get started on your new life together, like a home purchase, or the elimination of all existing debt. 

Now THAT would be a wedding present.    

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large