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Report: Trump Has Signed More Bills into Law Thus Far Than Any of the Four Previous Presidents

The Trump fans refer to information like this as “winning,” but maybe it’s simply the kind of functional progress we should expect from government, as a rule.


Last Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy issued a report on the productivity of the Trump administration since assuming control of the executive branch, announcing that President Trump has, up to this point, been busier signing bills into law than any of his recent predecessors.

“To date, President Trump has signed 37 bills into law, placing him ahead of the last four administrations,” the pair of lawmakers noted in their report.

The Washington Times notes that, at the same point in their own presidencies, President Obama had signed 24 bills, President George W. Bush had signed 15, and Presidents Clinton and George H.W. Bush had signed 33 and 35, respectively.

That’s not all. Apparently, President Trump’s interest in moving forward at a high rate of speed has galvanized Congress, as well.

“The Republican-led House has passed 158 bills, making it the most productive in the modern-era,” Ryan and McCarthy additionally noted. As a comparison, their report indicates that the House had passed 131 bills at the same point in the then-new Obama administration. McCarthy referred to the pace at which the legislative branch has been passing laws as “record Congressional productivity to date.”

Okay…maybe it IS winning.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large