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May 2017

Jim shares a revolutionary new way of looking at money and financial freedom. It is not about accumulating a large lump sum, but creating 3 to 5 cash flow streams. After just presenting his live workshop in Cleveland, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston, Jim is sharing this same information on a series of Facebook Live videos each Wednesday at 1 pm Eastern. Download Jim's Workshop Notes - Click Here Read more →

What to make of this? According to figures just published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the steady drop in black unemployment continues, with the jobless rate of black Americans now at a 17-year low. The rate has been steadily declining each month since February, when it was at 8.1 percent. The most recently-declared rate, announced for the month of May, is 7.5 percent. President Trump made a concerted effort to court the black vote during his time last year on the campaign trail. In one appearance in North Carolina last October, just before the election, Trump proposed a “new... Read more →

Guess what? Despite all you’re hearing in the news about Donald Trump and Russia, and assuming (rightly) that the fuel for practically all of the chatter is coming from Democrats, it turns out that the rank-and-file members of the party are weary of the talk. While the subject has been a favorite of well-heeled Democrats (including highly-compensated news personalities) and party operatives, it seems that “regular” Democrats…the ones who have no choice but to be primarily concerned about how the mortgage will get paid next month, and how much damage the cost of health insurance is going to do to... Read more →

Citizen activism is not only alive and well in these United States, but seems to be on the upswing, on both sides of the political dividing line…and it’s clear there are no sacred cows. Case in point: Now that people are no longer bothering to hide their disgust at the so-called mainstream media, open, virulent criticism of news organizations once held in reverence by regular folks is becoming more prominent by the day. On that note, The Washington Times is reporting that a fellow citizen, Kyle Courtney of Boerne, Texas, has done something rather extraordinary as a way to express... Read more →

In what appears to be a case of a court in America pushing back against the bevy of laws and rulings that now make it illegal for businesses to refuse service on the basis of opposition to gay marriage on religious grounds, a three-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of a Mississippi law designed to protect those who do that very thing. According to the unanimous decision reached by the panel, the plaintiffs in the case lacked the legal standing to sue Mississippi. The ruling reverses a lower-court decision issued last summer by... Read more →

Survival of the Richest scrutinizes how the collective wealth of America has been channeled from the poor and middle class into the hands of a few elitists. American industry has been gutted, with wages and benefits stagnant or reduced, thanks to a disastrous trade deals, outsourcing, and the crippling of unions. The Occupy Wall Street movement, and the presidential campaigns of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, reveals how more and more people who are struggling understand that the system is rigged against them. While Americans have been trained to direct their scorn at welfare recipients and the poor in... Read more →

On this episode - Jim shares the news of the death of fellow GCN talk show host Joyce Riley. The Russian collusion narrative appears to have totally collapsed, and the rumors are that the Democrats were behind the so called Russian dossier. The wife of Bernie Sanders is reportedly under investigation for bank fraud, TSA agent caught stealing cash from passenger luggage in Orlando, Miami man fined $120 million for robo-call scam, and a teen is caught by a crowd after falling from a New York Six Flags ride. Read more →

According to The Christian Post, a group of Houston, Texas-area pastors have come out swinging against a proposed addition to the local public school curriculum that centers on the study of the LGBT community, including LGBT history. The Houston Area Pastor Council (HAPC) fired off an email to supporters last week, denouncing the prospective LGBT studies program and pointedly declaring that “this is Houston, not San Francisco,” a reference to the successful addition of an LGBT-focused history program into the curriculum of that area’s public schools. “The proposal by HISD (Houston Independent School District) Superintendent Richard Carranza to introduce California-style... Read more →

Been to the doctor lately? In this era of “sort-of insurance,” where so many are walking around with health coverage in theory only, even routine doctor’s visits have the potential to break the bank of regular Americans. It wasn’t always this way, but an ever-worsening financial climate for health care has made it such that even the most basic of health services can end up feeling like a sucker punch to the wallet. Still, while there isn’t always a good answer to avoiding these expenses, there’s one simple thing people can do a lot more of to ensure their bills... Read more →

I continue to hear from so many people in this economy that there are limited opportunities to make a good income. It is true that there are jobs to be had, but many do not provide the kind of income and benefits that a person can support a family on. Those without a college degree are finding it harder and harder to make a decent living, and many have even resorted to working more than one job. I shared the story in my book, How To Pray For A Financial Miracle, of a friend that decided to go back to... Read more →

As Kellogg continues to descend into the financial abyss, shutting down facilities across the country and laying off thousands of workers, one politician is demanding answers about what the cereal maker’s long-term plans are for his state. As reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer, Sen. Robert P. Casey, Jr. (D-Pa.) fired off a letter to Paul Norman, president of Kellogg’s North American Division, asking the company to maintain its “long-standing commitment to the Pennsylvania workforce,” as well as seeking clarification on just what the company plans to do with the distribution centers in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia it has targeted for closure... Read more →

It’s always something nowadays. A pre-college summer camp held at the University of Wyoming for the benefit of high school students turned into a source of great consternation for those same kids when they attended the university theatre department’s production of the storied Broadway musical The Fantasticks. According to the website Heat Street, the students went as far as to walk out on the presentation because they found the content to be “deeply offensive” and “triggering.” Remember…this is The Fantasticks we’re talking about here, which holds the record as the world’s longest-running musical. Anyway, it seems the students were “triggered”... Read more →

Many say there’s no way they’d ride in a self-driving car. It seems likely, then, that they would have nothing to do with self-flying airplanes. As it happens, they might have to actually make that decision one day, because it appears that self-flying planes are indeed on the radar, so to speak. According to the Independent, Boeing is very much interested in developing aircraft that can fly without any assistance from human pilots. Although, at first blush, such a proposed vehicle may seem like an outrageous idea to some, the truth is that airplanes currently fly without a great deal... Read more →

This isn’t good at all. In a European nation with an unfortunate history regarding anti-semitism, there is real evidence that many of its young residents are today reflecting distinctly anti-semitic attitudes. As reported by The Jerusalem Post, the results of a study conducted by the University of Teacher Education in Vienna were released this past Saturday, and they show that nearly half of all young Austrian Muslims harbor thoughts and feelings of anti-semitism. The Austrian daily Der Standard, in its write-up of the survey results, suggests that the anti-semitic and anti-Israel narratives that are so prominent in majority Muslim countries... Read more →

Well, here we go. According to the Daily Mail Online, an official of the Church of England is suggesting that Christians who undergo sex reassignment surgery may be eligible to have a “re-christening” ceremony performed by the church under their new names. According to Synod Secretary William Nye, identified by the Daily Mail as the “most senior official” of the Church of England, “It is a fundamental belief of the Church that baptism can only be received once. There is therefore no possibility of the Synod approving a form of service for the re-baptism of transgendered persons in their new... Read more →