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In the wake of the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), apologists on the left - and even some on the right - have been quick to suggest that “we’re all to blame” for what happened.

Well, one Republican politician sort of doubled-down on that notion, suggesting that even the President of the United States is responsible for the attack on Scalise.


As reported by The Hill, Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) said the following during an appearance Thursday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program:

“[I] would argue that the president is at least in partially — not in any way totally — but partially to blame for demons that have been unleashed, whether it is what I saw at a senior center back home and people saying, ‘f-you, f-you and f-you’ to each other at a senior center, a retirement center and see each other play croquet the next day, or with what happened — not with what happened yesterday, but the fact that you know, you’ve got the top guy saying, ‘Well, I wish I could hit you in the face. And if not, why don’t you and I’ll pay your legal fees.’ That’s bizarre — we ought to call it as such.”

To Rep. Sanford, then, there is no difference between speaking in an unvarnished fashion…and directly inciting acts of great violence.

Actually, Sanford knows full well there’s a wide chasm that separates the kinds of things President Trump said along the campaign trail…from comments supportive of the idea of killing of one’s political opposition, a favorite pastime of many on the left.

But calling out his Democratic pals for their hyperbolic vitriol would take far too much courage for Sanford, apparently. Criticizing President Trump is easier for Sanford, somehow.

Perhaps South Carolina Republican voters should take note.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large