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Think you’re a productive person? Rose Leadem, writing over at Entrepreneur.com, has news for you.

You’re wasting time, and, very likely, much more than you think.

This is an issue that hits particularly close to home for the self-employed, and, especially, those who do their toiling from home. The fact is that one of the biggest disadvantages to working from our residences has to do with reality that there are built-in distractions aplenty.


In her article “8 Time Wasters Stealing Your Productivity,” Leadem details some of the more pronounced of those facing small businesspeople that can, almost surreptitiously, act to derail them off the path to success. Here are just a couple of examples.

One of the biggest, according to Leadem, is television. The average person watches three to four hours of it each day. A prominent pitfall for folks working from home is that many keep a TV set going in their home offices, ostensibly to keep an eye on news or the stock market. The problem is, even if these individuals are not watching the television in a particularly focused way, it nevertheless remains a distraction that simply would not exist if it wasn’t present. It’s simply not possible to be in such close proximity to a television and not have your time, energy, and intellectual resources at least indirectly commandeered by it.

Another big one is, of course, social media. Leadem says that the average Facebook user spends nearly an hour a day on the platform, and when you add to that the time spent each day on all of the other social media outlets to people are becoming increasingly devoted - nearly 20 minutes a day, on average, just over at YouTube, for example – the capacity of these outlets, as a whole, to keep people from remaining singularly focused on their labors is enormous.

You get the picture. The tricky part in all of this is that entrepreneurs have now come to rely on the very devices and platforms that can act to impede success..for success. The answer? Heightened awareness, more than anything else. As noted, many distractions are now an essential part of doing business, even as they are distractions. The key, for many, then, is to become more discerning about when and how time is spent on them, and to endeavor to do the best job possible separating wheat from chaff.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large