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Sweden appears to have taken a giant step deeper down the black hole of progressivism, with a recent decision by the Swedish Labor Court of Appeal that demands a midwife assist in abortions as a part of pursuing her profession…or lose her livelihood altogether.


In a story reported by Anglican Ink, it seems that the midwife, Ellinor Grimmark has a strong belief in the sanctity of human life, so much so that she is unwilling to provide assistance during any abortion procedures. This unwillingness has resulted in three different medical clinics in the district of Jönköping to refuse hiring her. After a district court determined back in 2015 that her “right to freedom of conscience” had not been violated, she filed the appeal.

ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom) International handled the appeal on Ms. Grimmark’s behalf. Its Director of European Advocacy, Robert Clarke, had this to say about the most recent decision:

“The Court has failed to protect Ellinor Grimmark’s fundamental right to freedom of conscience despite the clear legal protections that exist in international law. Some have attempted to frame this case as one that pits one human right against another. However, the only person whose rights have been violated is Ellinor Grimmark.”

Grimmark can appeal further, to the European Court of Human Rights, although it is not presently known if she will do so.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large