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AG Jeff Sessions Flatly Says, “…the Border is Not Open. Please Do Not Come”

Did you happen to catch Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Fox News’ Hannity Tuesday night?


If so, you saw him strongly suggest that those seeking to enter the United States illegally are probably better off not trying. Saying that “the border is not open” and that those who come anyway will be “apprehended” and “deported promptly,” Sessions seemed to take the opportunity of his appearance to make it clear there’s a new sheriff in town:

“[C]an you believe that we have had the lowest number of entrances at the border in 17 years? This is the direct result of Donald Trump’s strong, clear leadership. It has an impact. The most important thing for us is to send a message to the world that the border is not open. Please don’t come. You will be apprehended if you do come, and you will be deported promptly. And if you’re a criminal, you’ll be prosecuted. And if you assault our officers, we’re going to come at you with a ton of bricks. This is the kind of message we need to send. It is already being sent. It is having a dramatic effect so far. I knew strong presidential leadership unlike the wishy-washiness we’ve seen in the past would impact the flow, but not as much as we’ve seen already. The numbers are down 70 percent since President Obama left office. It is really a remarkable achievement.”

Sessions was asked about reports that Republican lawmakers were planning to drop a provision to fund a border wall from the forthcoming spending bill.

“I believe he will get funding for the wall. I can’t imagine Congress to deny him that,” responded Sessions. “It doesn’t have to be every foot of the entire 1,700-mile border ... But a wall, a barrier, multiplies the ability of our border patrol and customs officers to be effective ... So, this is the way to go.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large