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Trump's Big Agenda, David Horowitz Joins Jim Paris Live

What are the Democrats up to with the whole Trump-Russia narrative? Are Trump's greatest rivals Republicans? Is the new healthcare plan the type of reform that Trump promised in the campaign? What is the future of the Clinton's and are they pulling strings behind the scenes? Why has Barack Obama stayed in Washington, and what are his post presidency plans? Are liberals really tolerant or is this just a facade? What do the violent protesters at Berkley tell us about liberal values?

Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 election was more than a historic upset. It was the beginning of a major political, economic, and social revolution that will change America — and the world.

One of the nation’s foremost conservative commentators, New York Times bestselling author, and a mentor to many of Donald Trump’s key advisers, David Horowitz presents a White House battle plan to halt the Democrats’ march to extinguish the values America holds dear.