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While we tend to think of folks who work from home as being self-employed, the fact is that more and more companies are offering flexible work arrangements to regular employees. As technology and culture continue to evolve, formerly unconventional workplace arrangements have become increasingly less so, and many companies find the accommodative feature of these situations to be something that provides them with quality regular W-2 type employees in places that may be far away from where the firm’s operational base exists.


Clearly, working from home is obviously something to which many locked into the daily 9-5 grind aspire…and many in management seem to agree on the benefits the configuration can provide a company. That said, what do those at the very top of the corporate food chain think about employees working from home?

Well, as reported by, if it was up to Virgin Group billionaire founder Richard Branson, flexibility would be a standard feature of every workplace.

“I think work should be fun. It should be enjoyable. It should be satisfying," says Branson in a video posted at his blog.

“Too many companies don't realize the monotony of a lot of people's day-to-day life at work," he goes on to say. “I try to encourage chief executives worldwide to make sure that there's as much flexibility in the workplace as possible.”

The good news is, you’re no longer in a position where you must leave the structure of a company in order to work from home. As mentioned earlier, remote work is not the sole province of the self-employed anymore – there is an ever-increasing number of telecommuting positions to be found at a wide variety of firms, including at some of America’s largest corporations.

If you’re interested in a more flexible workplace situation, but prefer to remain a part of a company environment, you can now find quality resources available to assist you in your job search efforts. If flexibility isn’t a strong suit of your present employer, consider checking out a website like FlexJobs. The folks at FlexJobs hand-screen flexible job opportunities and make available through their platform only those listings that are genuine. Of course, you can also go it alone, and visit company career sites and other job websites to search for opportunities characterized by “remote” and/or “telecommute” features, but the point is flexible jobs are out there in serious numbers now, and are so due in no small way to the fact that more people at the top of the corporate ladder see the world in precisely the same way Richard Branson does.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large