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The Dark Tactics Of Scientology - Author Tony Ortega

Tony Ortega is executive editor of The Raw Story and former editor-in-chief of The Village Voice. He’s been writing about Scientology throughout his career, and also operates his own website with breaking news about the church at He lives in New York City. The Unbreakable Miss Lovely is his first book. Will Leah Remini's reality show take down Scientology once and for all? Can Tom Cruise save the organization? Is Tom Cruise moving to Scientology headquarters in Clearwater, Florida?

In 1971 Paulette Cooper wrote a scathing book about the Church of Scientology. Desperate to shut the book down, Scientology unleashed on her one of the most sinister personal campaigns the free world has ever known. The onslaught, which lasted years, ruined her life, and drove her to the brink of suicide. The story of Paulette’s terrifying ordeal is told in full for the first time in The Unbreakable Miss Lovely, published by Silvertail Books. It reveals the shocking details of the darkest chapter in Scientology’s checkered history, which ended with senior members in prison, and the organization’s reputation permanently damaged. 'A thrilling account of a reporter’s duel with a controversial church' - Kirkus Reviews ‘A brilliant exposition of how a child who escaped the Nazis grew up to be hunted by the Church of Scientology' - John Sweeney 'A page-turner packed with barely believable facts. The details are worthy of John le Carre' - Jon Atack