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New York Times Piece Says Sanctuary Cities Should Do More to Protect Illegal Immigrants

An op-ed piece in The New York Times suggests that sanctuary cities that do no more than refuse to cooperate with efforts by federal authorities to corral illegal immigrants are not doing nearly enough; they should, in fact, change the very way they conduct policing within their communities, so that illegals, or “undocumented immigrants,” find themselves at odds with the criminal justice system with much less frequency than they do, presently.


“It’s not enough for cities like New York to declare themselves ‘sanctuaries,’ which simply means that the local police won’t detain noncitizens on the federal government’s behalf. If cities really want to protect immigrants, they must also end the quota-driven style of policing that makes immigrants the victims of unnecessary arrests and disproportionate punishment.”

The article, written by Shakeer Rahman and Robin Steinberg, social justice advocates who work at Bronx Defenders, a legal services nonprofit, goes so far as to advocate that cops simply look the other way when local laws are being broken so that the chances that illegals may be arrested are diminished.

“Many of these unnecessary arrests stem from the discredited idea that a draconian crackdown on the most minor offenses — littering, selling loose cigarettes, biking on the sidewalk — will prevent more serious crimes. This model of policing, known as broken windows or zero tolerance, helped to drive mass incarceration. Its next cost could be mass deportation.”

Is deportation of people in the country illegally really a “cost?”

Many, including a whole bunch of those who elected into office the new President of the United States, would say it is a benefit.

“While the federal government runs immigration courts and prisons, local police departments are its eyes and ears. Across the country, whenever they arrest someone, city departments send fingerprints and other identifying information to federal officials. Whether the offense is as trivial as selling mango slices on the street without a license or taking a shortcut through a park after dark, federal agents are notified of an immigrant’s name and how to find him or her.”

Isn’t this how it is supposed to work in a nation of laws that endeavors to protect its borders and its sovereignty?

Not according to the increasingly-unhinged advocates for illegal immigrants in the United States.

Welcome to America.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr Editor At Large