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Leftist Comedian Sarah Silverman Boldy Mistakes Construction Markings for…Swastikas

This may be as funny as it is sad.

As detailed by a variety of news sources, including Western Journalism, ultra-crude comedian Sarah Silverman (apparently, it is sexist to use the female form comedienne nowadays) embarrassed herself terribly on Twitter Sunday when she very publicly mistook markings used by construction workers and civil engineers to identify the location of underground cables and pipes…for swastikas.

That’s right – swastikas.



Here is her rather breathtaking tweet (that included a pic of the “offensive” markings):

“Walking to get coffee saw these all over a sidewalk in the town I'm in. Is this an attempt at swastikas? Do neo nazis not have google?”

The “Google” question was apparently a reference to the fact that she thought the swastikas were incorrectly drawn.

No making THIS stuff up, that’s for sure.

As you might imagine, Silverman was obliterated on social media and later admitted she had it wrong. Still, though, she felt the need to justify her grievous error at the expense of the Trump administration, saying (again on Twitter) that “I'm seeing swastikas in everything fratboys. It started w Bannon's rise & festered when trump decided not 2 mention Jews re the Holocaust.”

Still, as good as this was, it does not surpass the error made back in 2015 by another leftist celebrity, author Joyce Carol Oates, who, responding to a “troll” tweet, famously expressed serious amazement and frustration that are apparently no laws that make it illegal to hunt...DINOSAURS.


Seriously…how did Trump not win this election by eleventy-billion votes??

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large