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David Harsanyi, writing over at the outstanding libertarian website, says that all of this over-the-top, hysterical resistance to Trump and everything he does is not only not standing in the way of the president, it is actually working to his favor.


The centerpiece idea of his article, “Why the Resistance Is the Best Thing That's Happened to President Trump,” is that Democrats have done nothing any more useful since the election – and, particularly, since the inauguration – than yell and scream and otherwise do their best to be obstructionist in tenor (knowing, of course, that their minority numbers in Congress mean they can’t actually be politically obstructionist), and that the histrionics are merely acting to alienate those who, while not necessarily Trump fans, are still interested in seeing a meaningful effort at improving much of that which ails the nation, presently.

The other, related issue, says Harsanyi, is that the Democrats themselves, precisely by devoting themselves solely to objecting to everything Trump says and does, are offering nothing in the way of sensible alternatives to Trump proposals and efforts.

“Sure, it matters that President Donald Trump has a historically low favorability rating,” writes Harsanyi. “Then again, disliking the president isn't exactly a courageous act. Plenty of Americans—many of whom supported the president during the general election—don't like Trump. They do realize that politics is a trade-off. Here's a more revealing question pollsters might ask people: Do you ‘like’ any better Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) or Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), pussyhatted marchers griping about the patriarchy or the totalitarians blocking Education Secretary Betsy Devos from walking into a public school?”

I wrote about this previously when discussing Jim Webb, the former Democratic senator from Virginia who also served as Secretary of the Navy under Reagan and was awarded the Navy Cross, Silver Star and two Purple Hearts for his service in Vietnam. Webb is an interesting guy…one who, in spite of his conservative orientation in some areas, tends to hold more socially liberal ideas without being unhinged - i.e., doesn't see patriotism, love of country, and the rule of law, as well as the assumption of a pro-business posture, as being incompatible with a platform that also seeks to leave government out of the bedroom and that endeavors to make further progress in areas like civil rights.

Anyway, when this very bright, very interesting Democrat considered competing this time around for his party's nomination for president, he was essentially chased from the field by much of the Dems' "newer blood" before the race even started, because his values did not match their lunacy.

Now, plenty of conservatives would have surely not voted for Webb because of his positions on social issues, but the point is that he would have been a genuinely viable candidate for Democrats to field; someone who would have had the capacity to sway anti-Trump conservatives fond enough of his patriotism and pro-business views to look past his stances on social issues.

That is not, however, who Democrats are, presently, and so fielding a sensible person like Webb was/is not an option. Instead, they are, simply, nuts, and apparently happy to be so. As Harsanyi puts it, “Those who spend weeks after the election acting like the Electoral College was some kind of trick pulled on the country are not interested in rule of law. They're interested in Democrats.”

And as long as they remain in this posture, they will find themselves increasingly abandoned and isolated…and their party, eventually, fully marginalized.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large