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Christian Leader: Through Trump, God Delivered Nation from ‘Spirit of Witchcraft’ in Oval Office

According to one prominent Christian voice, the power of Donald Trump to fix what ails the country may be more magnificent than just about anyone imagined.

God Delivered US From  Spirit of Witchcraft in the Oval Office  Through Trump  Says Christian Leader

The Christian Post reports that when Lance Wallnau, Christian activist and “thought leader,” appeared Tuesday on The Jim Bakker Show, he declared that God worked through Trump in order to deliver “the nation from the spirit of witchcraft in the Oval Office.”

The spirit of witchcraft was in the Oval Office, it was about to intensify to a higher level demon principality, and God came along with a wrecking ball, shocked everyone, the church cried out for mercy and bam—God knocked that spirit out, and what you're looking at is the manifestation of an enraged demon through the populace,” Wallnau said.

The Christian Post article points out that Lance Wallnau has been enthusiastic about Trump for some time, and decided he was the “prophesied president” after attending the gathering of evangelical leaders Trump arranged back in June at Trump Tower in New York City.

However, others within the evangelical community, like author and pastor Tony Campolo, remain disappointed at their “brethren” who’ve seen fit to embrace President Trump.

The thing is that the evangelical brand has suffered immeasurably because of its ordaining of Donald Trump as president of the United States,” Campolo said in a telephone interview with The Christian Post.

The fact is that some of these evangelical leaders, the really big ones, have said that God has ordained Donald Trump,” Campolo continued, adding that such an ordination is a “sad thing.

Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large