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By ChristianMoney.com Staff Writers

ChristianMoney.com became aware today of a very interesting YouTube video titled, Did DC Whistleblowers Give Glenn Beck The PizzaGate Pedophile Scandal Info In 2013? It is a chilling video to watch, and Beck has never said another word about the "scandal" he references. For those not familiar with the term, PizzaGate is a reference to an alleged child sex trafficking ring being run out of Washington, DC. The allegation claims that that this is D.C's deepest darkest secret and involves both Republicans and Democrats, and many of D.C's elite. The conspiracy also suggests the involvement of Satanic rituals.

The claims of child sex trafficking have been burgeoning in recent weeks as a result of anecdotal evidence from WikiLeaks e mails and the Weiner sexting case. It is interesting to note that there is a media blackout of sorts on the topic. It is considered a 'conspiracy theory' and fake news. Even Reddit has banned the PizzaGate board from its site.

The name PizzaGate originates from the claim that the child sex trafficking ring is operated out of a D.C pizzeria.