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January 15, 2013


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My family has been part of Samaritan Ministries for about 5 years now. We've had 2 "claims" and never want to go back to "traditional insurance"! I am so happy to know each month that I am sending my money directly to another member to pay their medical bills. We even had a year where we were struggle so badly financially and feared we would have to drop our membership and not have any coverage at all. I'm glad to say, that Samaritan Ministries even has a program that was able to help us through this difficult time too and we did not have to drop our membership or lose our "coverage"..... Oh, and did I mention, I work in the INSURANCE industry? I wish my home and auto could be insured this way too!

Dan Annweiler

Unfortunately my wife and me wouldn't qualify for a shared medical expense plan like Jim described, but I do have medical coverage through my employer for myself, my wife and my stepson. And I have already been affected by the health care mandate-my premiums have doubled for 2013, where I was paying around $45 a week in 2012, I am now paying over $90 a week. In addition, my employer, Schneider National Carriers, maintains a self funded health care plan administered through United Healthcare and it is believed that this plan may be in jeapordy due to the mandate. The reason for this uncertainty is that it is currently unclear whether or not self funded health care plans are going to be recognized by the health care mandate. At least, that's the way I understood it when the changes were explained to company employees. I would imagine, health care premiums will be rising across the board due to this mandate, just as it has already happened to me. Though those with pre-existing conditions will now be able to get healthcare at a lower cost, everybody else will be paying for it. Though this is a considered a good thing, it feeds into the entitlement culture. I have a couple of friends who say it is government's responsibility to provide healthcare for its citizens, while I say it's a personal responsibility. For me to obtain an individual health care plan would be cost prohibitive, so I work for a company that provides healthcare and I believe others can do the same. While it would be nice for me to be fully self-employed, I have to accept the fact that I don't have the ability to provide for my health insurance if I was fully self-employed and hence, I hold a job where I am able to provide health insurance for my family and me. Bottom line, Barack Obama is not good for America, but his supporters have placed him on a pedestal.

Dan Annweiler
Webmaster of http://NetworkMarketingBusinessInfo.com

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