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September 25, 2012


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Lon Roland

Hi Jim,
It is a as easy and more than anything else...as fun as you say. It is quite the adventure too. I had the opportunity to do what I called 2nd-phase instruction in S. Korea. I was stationed there in the Air Force as a broadcaster...and in my off duty time, my partner would host a small group at his home for the formal training sessions...verbs, nouns, writing, speaking, homework etc. and afterwards I would often go out with the group for more casual/informal instruction.
This served 2 purposes. It gave the students a more relaxed, yet active environment in which to act and react and at the same time afforded me the single most awesome adventure into the Korean culture that I could ever imagine.
I found it particularly interesting in listening to and watching children on some of these outings. I guess kids are the same the world over, I could easily understand their antics and then translate that to a pattern of understanding that helped with teaching most of the adults.

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