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June 14, 2011


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As I Christian, I believe all God's promises including His promise that He uses ALL for GOOD.

Christians investing in the Iraq Dinar may have plans to support Israel when they reap the benefits of the RV.

I am certain without a doubt that God's "GOOD" use of the Iraq Dinar RV will be much more than we could ever imagine! :-) God is Good, God is ALWAYS Good!!!


To me the biggest issue in purchasing a dinar for a Christian is the fact that I am called to ally myself with Isreal. It astounds me that so many so called followers of Christ are willing to invest and support a country that wants to demolish Isreal. My opinion is that the dinar is blood money.

Randy Cox

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When i tend not to uncover almost any change concerning Islam in addition to Islamic fundamentalists. I do believe faith would be the origin, in addition to on the origin fundamentalism evolves to be a deadly stalk. In the event most of us take out fundamentalism in addition to hold faith, then one time or maybe a different fundamentalism will probably mature all over again. I need to claim of which mainly because many liberals generally shield Islam in addition to responsibility fundamentalists intended for developing complications. Although Islam per se oppresses women of all ages. Islam per se isn't going to make it possible for democracy and it also violates people proper rights.

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