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June 08, 2010


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Irene Jones

Hello Jim Paris: I have always been very interested in pursuing the opportunity of tax lien investing, but never before had a clue of how it works or where to begin. With this information, I can at least begin to do some research into the possibility. Thank you


what about sending mantance fees to collection after 3 months and they add 200 to fees my vacation club frooze my acc. til payed not very happy was having trouble covering 500 now up to 889.00

Rachel Seidensticker

Tax lien and/or tax deed investing can be a great investment opportunity, but it is definitely not easy. It requires persistent due diligence. Over the counter sales are another great way to purchase tax liens. These are liens still left over from a sale or like in Montana, they don't hold sales, you just contact the county directly and place a bid and buy the lien.
Another great source of information for tax lien investors is
http://www.tax-lien-database.com. Understanding the process is crucial and then realizing that every county/state differs in their procedures for these sales. This website can really help you get started. For beginning investors, they have a couple FREE eBooks along with other educational materials. For established investors, you can search their database for upcoming sales across the nation and attain all the contact information, including property listings, to attend the auctions/sales. You can even buy and/or sell your liens/deeds directly online! It’s a great resource, and they’re always implementing suggestions to make it better. It is definitely worth a shot.

arnold morales

Be very careful that the property you are paying taxes on, is not an easement that has been established for a long period of time, you will never be able to sell it much less recoup you money. Be aware that there is no contamination. Chemicals, oil, aluminum, such as radiator shops can have a very detrimental effect on your investment. EPA Cleanup cost if you ever own it and it is contaminated will wipe you out. Stick to single family homes, income property, vacant land in good area with utilities, decent commercial, stay away from industrial properties. there are plenty of other good TLC's. Also make sure that the tax code (A.P.N. Assessors Parcel Number) has not been reconfigured. If it has make sure you have the new plat map that has been established. Changes to the plat map can leave you with a worthless plot. I have 30 years experience. I have seen many successful outcomes and some very horrible experiences. Can make lots of money without much sweat. Oh, yes it does take some " sweat", you have to do your homework. Very important!!

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